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Monarchy question

Discussion in 'off topic' started by midband, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. eternumviti

    eternumviti pfm Member

    Whilst I accept that the documentary was a carefuly crafted piece of propaganda, Charles actually came across as a very humane man, someone who genuinely and deeply cares about matters that should be of interest to all of us. Contrary to his slightly awkward stiffness when he is being interviewed off the cuff by TV reporters, his manner with people (and he draws lots of people) is relaxed and easy, with a ready humour and a clear ability to cheer and motivate people in some pretty grim circumstances. His work helping young people, particularly those from challenged backgrounds, is exemplary. His comments relating to the clear distinction between the role that he has created for himself as PoW and that of his future role as the monarch were informative. Having been something of a sceptic, I have to say I was won over.
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  2. Colin L

    Colin L pfm Member

    The propaganda worked for ET it seems.
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  3. ks.234

    ks.234 pfm Member

    If the monarchy is a toothless institution, what are we paying untold millions for exactly?
  4. eternumviti

    eternumviti pfm Member

    Well, I am pro-monarchy, so I guess it didn't have to try too hard. What about you - did you watch it?
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  5. eternumviti

    eternumviti pfm Member

    French farmers..? :)
  6. wacko

    wacko pfm Member

    To avoid having a President ! See Trump thread for clues.
  7. Joe Hutch

    Joe Hutch Mate of the bloke

    I wasn't aware of any particular baggage attached to the name Charles. Charles II was one of our better monarchs, and there have been some fairly ghastly King Georges*. We probably won't have another King James or King Richard though.

    *'George III
    Ought never to have occurred
    One can only wonder
    At so grotesque a blunder' (E. C. Bentley)
  8. stevec67

    stevec67 pfm Member

    There is precedent for a monarch abdicating though. Queenie only has to say "I've done enough" and she can retire to Balmoral for her final years. I don't think that she wants Charlie to take up the reins. I don't know why, he'd only be a figurehead and he has piles of advisors who will say "No, shut up about this, let the government do their job, they're the ones who are accountable if it all goes taters, you float above all this and just rubber stamp it."
  9. Stunsworth

    Stunsworth pfm Member

    I smile when people bring this up.

    There are many kinds of head of state, and the US model is only one of them. Given how the currently system works in the UK, any president would only have a symbolic role - as in Germany or Ireland.

    I'm not a vindictive man, I'd allow the current Windsors to buy one of their palaces, the others would be open to the public.
  10. Bob McC

    Bob McC Living the life of Riley

    I reckon Liz will retire the day after Phil the Greek pops his clogs.
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  11. Colin L

    Colin L pfm Member

    Gosh no. Having had a very enjoyable dinner I didn't want to risk it by listening to the typical BBC fawning over anything with a "royal" tag on it.
    Kow-towing to accidents of birth, and not very pleasant ones at that, is so 19th century.
  12. Andrew C!

    Andrew C! Been around a while....

    Interesting thread.

    He came across ok in the program.

    My only observation is you never really know anyone 100% - not even yourself (in some circumstances).

    Like any form of politics you'll have pros and cons in equal measure.
  13. eternumviti

    eternumviti pfm Member

    Fair enough.
  14. foxwelljsly

    foxwelljsly Keep Music Vile

    But why should what he thinks carry any more weight than any of the 1000's of other humane and caring citizens of the UK? And what if Andrew was the eldest?

    The civil list and the privileged tax status of the British royal family are the rules that define this game of monarchy and allow it to persist. Their quiet erosion should continue until they no longer exist.
  15. Andrew C!

    Andrew C! Been around a while....

    Because it does. The fact some don't like this will be frustrating, but there are others that do like it.

    Quite interesting that when asked if they want to retain monarchy etc, several countries have voted democratically to say they do...
    foxwelljsly likes this.
  16. tones

    tones Tones deaf

    But he did have his odd side, including a love of and fascination with alchemy, and he built a laboratory in the basement of his palace. One thing alchemists loved was mercury, the only liquid metal - they thought it the basis of all metals - and they used to stir heated vats of it. At that time, nobody realised that mercury (a) is more volatile than they thought, and (b) it is obnoxiously poisonous. Chuck II exhibited all the symptoms of mercury poisoning, and he died relatively young.
  17. palacefan

    palacefan pfm Member

    The Monarchy would be more significant to me if they were an English family as opposed to mixtures of Greek and Germans. My republican instincts run to a shuddering halt when I consider suitable candidates .
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  18. Joe Hutch

    Joe Hutch Mate of the bloke

    At that time, alchemy was difficult to distinguish from 'real' science (Isaac Newton was also interested in/obsessed by alchemy) and many discoveries in chemistry came via alchemy. The Royal Society was established under Charles' aegis.
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  19. Andrew C!

    Andrew C! Been around a while....

    And how far back does one have to go before they are defined 'English' or 'British"? Especially bearing in mind the British culture continually evolves due to influence from other cultures, and has done for centuries.
  20. eternumviti

    eternumviti pfm Member

    Neither as young nor is swiftly as his dad!

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