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multi-function 2018/2019 football thread

Discussion in 'off topic' started by vuk, Aug 8, 2018.

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  1. jackbarron

    jackbarron Chelsea, London

    Chelsea are 0 - 4 up against Dynamo Kiev so far, 0 - 7 on aggregate. Giroud has scored a hat-trick and Alonso got the other.

    Three goals have come from crosses and one via a free kick. Thank god Chelsea have stopped Sarri-ball prattling around the area. This could be down to being far more skillful than Kiev.

    Ooops, Hudson-Odoi has just scored, so that's 0 - 8 to Chelsea. Odoi has just been picked for the England Under-21 team. Hope we hold onto him, Hazard and Willian at the end of the season.

  2. myles

    myles Intentionally left blank

    Charisma vacuum.
    jackbarron likes this.
  3. Colin L

    Colin L pfm Member

    Excellent champions league draw for LFC. Porto - Barca - City. Job done. Number 6 on the way. Big-ears coming back home. :D
    myles and Alex N like this.
  4. webster

    webster Listen & enjoy.

    After the group that Liverpool found themselves in followed by meeting Bayern in the last 16 I think they probably deserved a favourable draw today.
  5. jackbarron

    jackbarron Chelsea, London

    It will be good to see Spurs get the boot in the next round of The Champions League, while Chelsea beat Slavia Prague.

  6. blossomchris

    blossomchris I feel better than James Brown

    Your not even in it, and unlikely to be next year, big budget, big mouths, big on bullshit.

    Rack Kit and Bob McC like this.
  7. myles

    myles Intentionally left blank

    Wow! That escalated quickly...
    blossomchris likes this.
  8. jackbarron

    jackbarron Chelsea, London

    Spurs rarely win trophies and attract supporters with very deep resentments. The rest of us just laugh at them.

    Last edited: Mar 15, 2019
  9. Hook

    Hook Blackbeard's former bo'sun.

    Favorable perhaps, but no easy draws at this stage. Porto beat Roma pretty convincingly, and I expect them play even better versus LFC. They look particularly solid on defense.

    Too bad about the MC/Tottenham pairing. Would have been nice to see all four PL teams with a shot at the semis.
  10. tqineil

    tqineil pfm Member

    not sure Porto won convincingly having watched these 4 minute highlights... VAR issues again and the won by one goal

  11. bernardhepworth

    bernardhepworth pfm Member

    It should be a good tie against Spurs. While Cities defence can be suspect, especially when Otamendi decides that there can't be an attacker in the box a la Watford, Spurs are even worse. Lots of goals from both sides I think.....
  12. webster

    webster Listen & enjoy.

    Over the 2 legs it's difficult to imagine Lloris not gifting you at least one goal:)
  13. Hook

    Hook Blackbeard's former bo'sun.

    You are right, convincingly was a poor choice of words. Was just thinking back to last year, and the challenge Roma gave LFC. Also, Porto does have some well-known, talented players. I hope LFC rolls easily into the semis, but my gut says otherwise. Maybe I’m being overly cautious, but even tomorrow’s trip to Fulham feels like a trap match. Will be interesting to see if Klopp chooses to rest some starters.
  14. tqineil

    tqineil pfm Member

    The first leg at Anfield is key, particularly with a decent lead, though we'll miss Robertson on the left flank. If Porto have to open up over there to get the game back then we all know what can happen. Won't be at all easy but still pleased with the draw.
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2019
  15. Barryoke

    Barryoke pfm Member

    Looking forward to the quarters, all cracking matches, and as for the Liverpool draw, the biggest threat is to themselves. Always the danger when drawing the 'weaker team' to look to the next round before getting the job done, but some great football to enjoy all the same.
  16. Colin L

    Colin L pfm Member

    TQ, for why is your avatar a pic of a WB Torus? Just curious.
  17. Weekender

    Weekender pfm Member

    We've conceded a lot of late goals this season but squeaked one our way today.
    "Tight as anything. 401 passes for Bournemouth - 420 for Newcastle. Three shots on target each too." Sounds like we just about deserved it.
    Like this:

  18. jackbarron

    jackbarron Chelsea, London

    Blimey, Swansea are 2 - 0 up against Shitty after 28 minutes. The quadruple is wobbling ...

    Barryoke likes this.
  19. bernardhepworth

    bernardhepworth pfm Member

    I'm hearing that Delph has gone into FA cup mode, playing terribly like he did last season against Wigan. Why anyone would think he would be ok at right back is a mystery......
  20. Bob McC

    Bob McC Living the life of Riley

    All the gobshites shattered

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