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Multi-function football thread 2019/20 season

Discussion in 'off topic' started by seagull, Jun 13, 2019.

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  1. Bob McC

    Bob McC Living the life of Riley

    Only because they were “financially doped” by the Moore’s family.

    British record transfers whilst in the second division when they took over etc..
  2. tqineil

    tqineil pfm Member

  3. Woodface

    Woodface pfm Member

    Net spend is a poor indicator as it only takes into account transfers not wages. The sums involved were considerable for the day. Liverpool may not have been the biggest spenders of their day but they were certainly in the upper reaches just as they are now.
  4. tqineil

    tqineil pfm Member

    Looks like players were bought to get them out of the second division then compete at the top through the development of home grown players tbh, I have no feel for salaries in the 1960’s tbh.

    I contrast that with the £1.65Bn (excluding sales) that City have spent over the last ten years or thereabouts, plus wages to match I imagine and this is financial doping of an altogether different magnitude. All this on crowds of circa 50,000 every fortnight
  5. gassor

    gassor There may be more posts after this.

    Monumental win for Celtic over the Ranjurs. Hail, hail.
  6. Woodface

    Woodface pfm Member

    You could also contrast it with the current Liverpool? Overseas owners, little player development from youth ranks etc. Football has massively changed & wages between divisions are huge. Very few players come from lower divisions to premiere league now. I think the attraction for owners now is that they now if enough money is spent then relegation will never happen. May as well go the whole hog & make it a franchise.
  7. bernardhepworth

    bernardhepworth pfm Member

    Oh dear.....

    There is a piece in the ST today that says that the virginal and whiter than white Liverpool football club are going to be fined a very large sum of money for entering into a deal with an unregulated Russian gambling company........

    I'm sure it its a big mistake, so that they can go on in their belief that they are better than every other football club on the planet...
  8. webster

    webster Listen & enjoy.

    and that's worse than getting your owners to massively inflate sponsorship deals is it - not to mention cheating FFP rules systematically?
    People in glass houses.............................o_O
  9. bernardhepworth

    bernardhepworth pfm Member

    Oh Mr W I forgot that Chelsea are due for a large fine for the same illegal activity as Liverpool.
    My point is the same as it has been, City weren't winning every domestic cup and were finishing 10th ( which is where Chelsea are likely to finish ) then no body would take an interest. If City are guilty then they will take their punishment and quite right too, I'm always going to call out clubs who pretend that everything they do is above board. Or is bullying a player that wants to leave to stay just something that can be swept under the carpet?
  10. tqineil

    tqineil pfm Member

    Nice deflection from the original point...

    The one who sponsor Barcelona, Chelsea, Spurs, Series A, the African Cup of Nations and many more?

    I suspect they’ll all escape punishment from the Gaming Commission?
  11. kennyh

    kennyh pfm Member

    Everton 5th.......I'm just staring at the table lovingly and savoring the moment:D
    myles, tqineil and BJP like this.
  12. BJP

    BJP Pink is the new Blue

    We were the far better team but Wolves are so dangerous and difficult to put away .
    kennyh likes this.
  13. bernardhepworth

    bernardhepworth pfm Member

    No deflection needed Mr T, just pointing out yet again, the hypocritical remarks from people who think that their clubs are better than City, where their owners are saints and their fans are angels........
    Woodface likes this.
  14. kennyh

    kennyh pfm Member

    Agreed, just nice to Sigs and a few others closing down, chasing back and looking like they were fighting for the shirt. Cracking header from Richie too, shame Lewin can't put his head in where it matters.

    Have to say I also think Wolves proved why finishing 7th in the prem is the poisoned challis, they've played 10 game to our 5 already.
  15. tqineil

    tqineil pfm Member

    I don't 'think but know' the Reds are Mr.B, they're Champions of Europe didn't you hear?

    No hypocisy either, a City fan brought up the subject of financial doping, I responded in kind :)
  16. cooky1257

    cooky1257 pfm Member

  17. BJP

    BJP Pink is the new Blue

    It was Everton not Liverpool that were backed by Sir John Moores the Littlewoods pools founder , earning the club "The Millionaires " nickname .
  18. Woodface

    Woodface pfm Member

    Denis Law started his career with Huddersfield Town, we have a long & proud history of selling our best players
    Weekender likes this.
  19. bigjonny

    bigjonny pfm Member

    The Moores family had owned Liverpool for a few years before David Moores became chairman. We of course had the best member of the family.
  20. BJP

    BJP Pink is the new Blue

    I think Shankly brought him down from Scotland , I wish your board would have backed Shankly when he wanted to buy Ian StJohn and Ron Yeats then he wouldn't have buggered of to Liverpool .
    cooky1257 likes this.
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