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Munich 2019 show report

Discussion in 'audio' started by audiojoy, May 19, 2019.

  1. audiojoy

    audiojoy pfm Member

    Just recently returned from the show. Spent a day there. Impressive, but too many rooms, not every room had a demo going on disappointingly. Town was very laid back, fantastic beer (went down like water in a good sense if you know what I mean) and the people were easy going and friendly, enjoyed the two nights there returning relaxed!!
    Interestingly all the rooms were heavily acoustically treated including the rear wall (meaning at the entrance to the room)!! So less excuses for the demonstrators.

    Best Sound out of those rooms that I choose to listen to, were for me
    1) Nagra, sme 30, VG acoustics speakers , ridiculously expensive. WE even had one of their engineers giving us demo of microphone placement when doing direct to hard drive live recordings...unbelievable to say the least!!
    2) SME ROOM, Nagra , sme 12 , some old spendor speakers plus garrard with an sme tonearm ( remake of an orginal sme)
    3) Wilson Sacha speakers...let down by spectral electronics in my opinion. Nonetheless, the most live sounding speakers I heard all day. Dynamics were unbelievable, and apart from a slightly course treble (??spectral) were near perfect for my tastes.

    The numerous very expensive horns the size of houses sounded, well just like horns no matter how hard they tried to iron our their problems. The electrostatics sounded, well, as usual great midrange and insightful but not the whole package when it came to the full sound spectrum and dynamics.

    The main reason I went to the show was to hear all the turntables that have come out in recent years and claimed to be the new King. So Continuum, TW acoustics, Thales (Bergmann was not set up)AMG, Brinkmnn etc. Unfortunately not one of them did anything that would make me think analogue has moved further forward than all our usual suspects Garrard, SME Linn etc.etc. Indeed they sounded disappointing and only just bearable for a few minutes listen. But we had spoilt our selves in the Nagra room, which immediately highlighted everything else as not very good sounding.The two best turntables for me ( be it inherent or due to set up) were the SME's especially the new design the number 12 with the cadenza black and iv arm which had more life, energy and soul than any SME I heard before. The AVid we heard was also in my top 5 at the show but still sounding nervous next to an SME, nonetheless enjoyable.

    Digital from all the high end guys all sounded broken after hearing good analogue e.g, EMM labs, Meitner lampizator , etc etc Only the very expensive Nagra DAC transport and their direct to hard drive recorder sounded superb and bettered many many of the turntables on display in the show.

    This of course is just me and my brothers opinion , on which we agreed on every single point. We did not listen to every room, but choose rooms specifically for what we were interested in. Shame a lot of big names were not demonstrated. I have not been to a hifi show in the UK for some time, but I think there will be a lot more exciting rooms to hear from our guys here than those in Germany.

    Most pleasant staff, not that I am biased was the SME room and their 'new' owner was there personally running the music show.
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