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music server

Discussion in 'd.i.y.' started by philiphifi, Sep 20, 2019.

  1. philiphifi

    philiphifi pfm Member

    hi all,

    would a wadia 170i with an ipod fed into a dac be any worse than a dedicated music server? Naim refers to exact bit ripping etc. When you rip using a PC, are they saying the bits are corrupted?
  2. 337alant

    337alant Negatively Biased

    Exact or Accurate bit ripping is just ensuring you get an exact copy of the audio so its not corrupted in the transfer
    Most ripping software will tell you if the CD is in Accurate rip format first and will confirm that the ripped tracks are accurate compared to an online database after.
    I use the excellent DB Poweramp on a PC to convert to FLAC and store all my music on a NAS drive on my network https://www.dbpoweramp.com/dmc.htm.
    You Wadia doc and IPOD will only sound as good as the source of the files on the IPOD if thats low bit rate MP3 the not great IMO but if they are stored in a lossless format (ALAC) then it should sound good

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  3. Julf

    Julf Evil brother of Mark V Shaney

    All depends on what ripping software you use, but mostly the answer is "no". PC rippers not only read the blocks multiple times and compare the results, but also check on-line databases (accurip) to verify the results.

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