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Mutec Ref10 SE 120 now available!

Discussion in 'trade announcements' started by CoherentSystems, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. CoherentSystems

    CoherentSystems Trade: Coherent Systems

    Here at Coherent Systems we really do like Mutec digital products very much and the benefits they bring to a whole range of audio and test systems.
    Recently Christian Peters, (Mutec's owner) was asked to see if he could stretch the envelope of the Ref10 master clock by some far east based customers. The upshot is a brand new model, which has been released it was given the SE 120. The designation was given for the amount of phase noise it achieves. At 1Hz it delivers an astonishing -120dBm. (the ref10 has around -116dBm @ 1Hz phase noise which itself is pretty damn good!) phase noise at the fundamental frequency of 10Mhz is -170dBm which is also incredibly low, far lower than for most atomic clocks.

    Phase noise explanation

    Last week we received one of the very first product examples anywhere! One of these (currently) extremely rare units was installed in a customers system last week (he already uses a DCS master clock) and to say the results were anything less than quite something would be a massive understatement!

    This product really is something rather special, the potential benefits to a system already using so called master clocks can include, much improved spatiality, much more relaxed and natural sound, improved dynamics, greater depth of field plus deeper more textured bass reproduction this is when slaving DCS master clocks!

    All of the ref 10 master clocks can be used with pretty much any quality digital system call of mail for more details.


    Mutec ref 10 product information


    The new Ref10 SE 120 installed in customers system.

    Last edited: Mar 27, 2020

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