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Naim active crossover question.

Discussion in 'audio' started by puddlesplasher, Nov 11, 2017.

  1. puddlesplasher

    puddlesplasher pfm Member

    Just wondering if anyone could tell me if A Naim Snaxo powered by hicap can be used with non Naim pre and power amps.
  2. anotherdom

    anotherdom pfm Member

    No reason why not - you’ll need to make up appropriate cables of course.
  3. sunbeamgls

    sunbeamgls pfm Member

    Yes. The SNAXO is dedicated to the speaker in use, not the amplification
  4. suzywong

    suzywong The Man who had no Naim

    Hey puddlesplasher, what speakers are you using?

    “Most” SNAXOs are configured for SBLs or DBLs .....
  5. puddlesplasher

    puddlesplasher pfm Member

    It would be with a pair of SBL's.
  6. MJS

    MJS Trade: Witch Hat Audio

    There should be no issue with this, but do make sure the cables between the SNAXO and your amps are fairly short and have low capacitance as they can oscillate at HF if provoked.
  7. cjarchez

    cjarchez pfm Member

    Yup, I ran a Naxo very briefly with Exposure and SBLs until the folks at Exposure built me a V. Interesting comment on the leads above. I made some very standard ones myself and when changing over to the V experienced a huge leap in sound quality. I know there are many factors at play there but wonder how much might have been down to the cables?
  8. puddlesplasher

    puddlesplasher pfm Member

    I was going to use Exposure amps also. Do you still use the V or has that been passed on.

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