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[FS] Naim chrome bumper: Nap 250, Nac 62, Hicap - all excellent!

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by PeteM, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. PeteM

    PeteM Supreme being

    I have the following cherished Naim equipment which is surplus to my current needs. All the items are classic chrome bumper era and in near mint condition:

    Nap 250, serial number 44xxx, which I bought used from Lintone Audio (Naim dealers) a while ago, they having sold it new originally. It was serviced using Naim parts (Lintone's description) in February 2017. Cosmetically excellent with no dings nor scuffs, a non-yellowed logo and an unmarked fascia. The 'on' light works of course. Neither box nor interconnects. Asking £825 firm.

    Nap 250, serial number 43xxx, same condition as above. The previous owner had it serviced by a former Naim employee in 2012. This one has the original box, again no interconnects (still need them). Asking £825 firm.

    Nac 62, serial number 39xxx, same condition as above, I believe serviced but I can't find the details at the moment ... complete with the original box. No phono cards are fitted as I still need them. Cosmetically it has to be one of the best you could hope to find. Asking £275 firm.

    Hicap, serial number 42xxx, same condition as above, ie. near mint, I believe serviced but again the details currently elude me. With original box. Asking £350 firm.

    I reiterate that everything looks great, sounds great, and works brilliantly together. Shipping at cost, collection from South Yorkshire is welcome or possibly just meet up midway?

    Thanks for looking.

  2. PeteM

    PeteM Supreme being

  3. PeteM

    PeteM Supreme being

  4. PeteM

    PeteM Supreme being

    Bumpity bump.
  5. PeteM

    PeteM Supreme being

    Nac 62 now on eBay.
  6. Haephaistos

    Haephaistos New Member


    Just joined this site so not sure if this is the right way to respond. Am interested in your Hicap. Would be great to know when serviced.

    Best wishes, Tom

  7. PeteM

    PeteM Supreme being

    Hi Tom,

    Welcome to PFM!

    This is a fine way to reply, the other way is to start a ‘conversation’.

    Some of these items are now sold, including the Hicap unfortunately. Hicaps come up for sale quite often so I’m sure you’ll find another before long.

  8. Haephaistos

    Haephaistos New Member

    Thanks Peter,

    I expect I'll work out how to start a 'conversation' at some point. Have searched around and it isn't very clear. Would love to get your advice, so if you could send me a conversation message, that would be great.

    Best wishes, Tom
  9. booja30

    booja30 pfm Member

    Click on the user's name under their avatar, then in the pop up dialogue, select "Start a Conversation".
  10. PeteM

    PeteM Supreme being

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