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[FS] Naim Credo

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by kimbleman, May 21, 2020.

  1. kimbleman

    kimbleman pfm Member

    I have a beautiful pair of boxed Naim Credo's in dark ebony that I'm seriously thinking might be better off being used in someone's system rather than sitting all packaged up in my loft.
    Price..... thinking as they are in such good condition £295 or thereabouts.

    I can take photos but as they are pretty dark it might not show very much detail.

    As I say they are in very good condition and sound superb. Can demonstrate on the end of a full Naim system (Supernait 2 / ND5XS) as it's in the orangery with bifold doors I can turn them facing out in the garden and a buyer can sit on a bench safely outside listening whilst drinking a beer from a wiped down bottle....C19 fun eh!

    Cheers. Gaz

    Based in Buckinghamshire just South east of Aylesbury.
  2. kimbleman

    kimbleman pfm Member

    Is it worth posing up some pictures chaps??? Would that temp some members???

    They sound great, are quite compact and are well made. Cost around £1200 when new (nearly twenty years ago) so you'd be shelling out probably two grand by modern standards. Easily made active too (well with the addition of a SNAXO and two separate amps) as crossovers are external.

    Small review.....
    Ivan35 likes this.
  3. Mynamemynaim

    Mynamemynaim 35yrs a Naim owner

    They should sell easily for that money
    Pictures or not!
  4. kimbleman

    kimbleman pfm Member

    You'd think. I just wanted them to be used rather than being wasted using up my loft space. Genuinely a bargain....but open to negotiation.
  5. Jono_13

    Jono_13 Duffer

    Quick question, are the pips present and correct?
  6. kimbleman

    kimbleman pfm Member

    Quick answer..... Yes.
    Jono_13 likes this.
  7. kimbleman

    kimbleman pfm Member

    AND they are boxed with all the foam packaging inserts and bags present and correct
    Jono_13 likes this.
  8. MarkW

    MarkW Full Speed & Pagan

    Quite an underrated speaker. I really enjoyed mine. You do need a spare room for the boxes, though:D
  9. Jono_13

    Jono_13 Duffer

    PM sent
  10. RoryL

    RoryL Well-Known Member

    Very underrated, very capable speakers. Give them a top source and preamp and you'll be rewarded.
  11. dspatterson

    dspatterson Keltik Krazy

    Some people love Sbls and they are a great speaker... But... I'd rate Credos as a superior all rounder, very livable, superb bass, amazing active, had them for years....another, why did I sell them product.
    Easy to drive and to get to work. Imo...
  12. kimbleman

    kimbleman pfm Member

  13. jackbarron

    jackbarron Chelsea, London

    Credos reproduce music well and £295 is a really good price, considering they've got pips and come in boxes.

    I've got a pair in London with no pips or boxes. I was thinking about getting shot of them, but will try and find some pips and hold onto them until I move.

  14. kimbleman

    kimbleman pfm Member

    Thanks Jack. I think the price is right too....others disagree. I might move a little but on the basis that they are picked up from my house.
    If I'm midway meeting then it's £295. Seems fair enough to me.
    jackbarron likes this.
  15. jackbarron

    jackbarron Chelsea, London

    It's definitely a good price. I paid £250 for mine, but they didn't come with pips or in boxes. The pips improve the sound, especially the bass I think, and so are pretty necessary.

    I've got a feeling Tom Tom Audio sell pips. I'll have to check.

  16. kimbleman

    kimbleman pfm Member

    Now Sold.
    Thanks for comments and interest folks.
    Jono_13 likes this.

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