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Naim NAC 42 / NAP 110 experiences..

Discussion in 'classic' started by beammeup, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. Stuart Frazer

    Stuart Frazer pfm Member

    A Naim 42/110 is a classic combination. I'm not convinced the 140 is a upgrade over a 110 - there is something musically right with the 110.
  2. MJS

    MJS Trade: Witch Hat Audio

    All Naim amps have the resistor and capacitor that's commonly referred to as a Zobel network. What none of them do is have a series inductor, relying instead on the inductance of the speakers and cable, hence the 3.5m limit. However speaker leads are great RF dipoles too and without that inductor can couple any RF straight back into the amp.

    It's very easy to provoke a Naim amp into instability because of this. My favourite is the system on top of a hill with direct line of sight to Wrotham and Crystal Palace. I actually had to fit inductors to that one to keep it from oscillating at HF.
  3. Gaius

    Gaius Trade: Stiletto by Tangerine

    Totally agree.
  4. Rico

    Rico Bloody Colonials

    I picked up a 42/110 combo once I got established in Blighty. I'd picked up Rega Kytes, an Alpha7 CD, and an FM4 tuna. Kevin Hughes esq had very kindly loaned me his Nait 2. I was at home, as back downunder I had a Nait 2, and 72/hi/250.

    Anyway, onto the 42/110. One of the units was very early, something like s/n 1212 or 1414 (my old list isn't to hand)... they were tired. I recapped them with quality parts from Cricklewood Electronics, didn't want to go overboard. Whilst the 42 wasn't a 72, the setup was fast, agile, tuneful. I ended up with a couple of 32.5's that quickly relegated the 42 to the cupboard, and a succession of 140's that revealed the 110 had a bit more speed on it's side, and although the regulated supply of the 140 was better overall, the 110 had a special kind of magic. The 42 had simplicity, and was cleaner inside than the 42.5. I later sold the 42 along with the 110, it might have gone with my CD3 after I acquired a CDX and 82? Great adventures. Mr James-Knight, where are you now?

    If a 42/110 rocked up to me today, I'd welcome it and provide it with a warm cosy home. I've just the right small speakers to keep it busy.
  5. Graham H

    Graham H pfm Member

    Mark, interesting informed comment. What in your opinion would be the best speaker cable for CB Naim amps? In conversations with Chord Company in the past, I've understood them to prioritise RF rejection in their designs. I'm not quite sure effective this is in reality. Stick to the recommended length of A4/A5?
  6. MJS

    MJS Trade: Witch Hat Audio

    Stick to A4/5 or use our Witch Hat N2 cable which is made to JV's spec for an alternative to their own cable.
  7. Graham H

    Graham H pfm Member

  8. analogmusic

    analogmusic pfm Member

    interesting, how does NACA4/5 prevent this?
    And how does it sound when the amp starts becoming unstable?
  9. MJS

    MJS Trade: Witch Hat Audio

    Speaker cable has inductance, add enough of it and it isn't an issue. The system above was using NACA5, unstable amps tend to run very hot.
  10. atlay

    atlay Member

    Just bought Naim NAC42/NAP110 to power a pair of Celestion Ditton 44s (also recently acquired). I'm pretty excited by this new (old) set up but need some advice regarding speaker cable...

    From what I've read, it appears I need specific Naim speaker cable but with NAC A5 at £32 per metre this is not feasible.
    I've been looking at Van Damme Blue Series 2.5mm Speaker Cable. Would this be suitable for the Naim / Celestion set up? or do I need 4mm? (Looking to have 15m per speaker)

    Also does anyone know if i might occur any issues plugging a Technics Direct Drive SL-1210Mk2 Record deck into the phono input of NAC42?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as I dont want to damage my new investment through ignorance!

  11. kitemap

    kitemap Immoderate

    If you want to do it on the cheap just use solid core mains cable. Somebody on here will advise you of gauge to suit 15m lengths with Naim amps.

    That depends on what if any phono cards are inside the 42 and the cartridge on the Technics. The turntable will almost certainly have a moving magnet (MM) cartridge but do check to make sure.
    Open it up and have a look before you do anything.
    If they are 323 cards they are for MC and you would not want to plug the TT in.
    If they are 322 cards they are for MM and you will be okay. (even a MC won't do any damage but will be very quiet indeed)
    Any other cards and they will be optimized for a line level source and your turntable will be far too quiet so you will need to buy some 322 cards (assuming MM).
    I think I've got that all the right way round but do check.

  12. atlay

    atlay Member

    Thats very good to know about the TT. Ive just checked the card and its a 322 and my cartridge is an Ortofon (Concorde Nightclub) which is MM so all good : )

    Thanks so much
  13. stevec67

    stevec67 pfm Member

    Linn K20 cable is identical to Naim NACA4 and you can get this cheaply.
  14. atlay

    atlay Member

    Why is this? Was thinking about getting new one anyway but is the ortofon not suitable IYO?
  15. kitemap

    kitemap Immoderate

    I have no idea of the quality of the Ortofon Concorde Nightclub, but it's definitely a DJ cartridge/headshell designed for abuse and even going backwards.
    I'd imagine that a desent home audio specific cartridge would be better but I'm sure there must be loads of information out there on your cartridge.
    I think you'd need a new headshell too as the Ortofon appears to be one single headshell/cartridge unit.

    It looks like they do make hifi stylii for the concorde:
  16. davem

    davem pfm Member

    My first foray into Naim was a 42.5/110 with an LP12 and Linn Kans - just love this system - it just had the boogie factor! Would be sorely tempted to revisit it again if I had the space for a 'second system'!
  17. Gaius

    Gaius Trade: Stiletto by Tangerine

    That indeed would make for a superb toe taping musical system.

    I have actually just rescued, restore and serviced an old skool LP12, pre circus/Ittok/Asak, got it hooked up to a Nait 2 and MK I Kans, stupid good system!
  18. Gaius

    Gaius Trade: Stiletto by Tangerine

    OP, I have had most of that generation of Naim over the years, the 110 in particular is a fantastic little power amp, one of the best they made, you might want to try it with a 32.5 at some point and consider a service by Naim or Darran at Class A.
  19. scottcarpenter

    scottcarpenter pfm Member

    Avondale Blacklink are amazing.

    I still use them after many years.
  20. Whatsisnaim

    Whatsisnaim pfm Member

    I like BlackLink too, plus it has the advantage of being thin and easy to handle. (Also available in white!) I'd still be tempted to try NACA5 if it was me, but the chances of finding any used cable in a 15m pair is very small, and buying it new would be expensive. Linn LK20 would be fine as well.

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