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Naim NAP 250 Help

Discussion in 'audio' started by Neiro, Jun 10, 2019.

  1. Neiro

    Neiro pfm Member

    I have a friend who owns a Naim 32.5/HiCap/250. They are very old (1978) but have apparently been serviced at some point.

    He was using this set up to drive some Wharfedale Denton Anniversary speakers when one channel died. I had a look at the speakers and at some point someone had taken apart the terminal plate, reassembled it backwards and not fitted any of the insulating washers. The terminal plate is made of aluminium so I am pretty sure it was supplying a dead short to the amp. The speakers are now all fixed but the 250 still has lost one channel.

    My questions are:

    1. Do these amps have any protection? is there a fuse or reset internally?
    2. If no protection then what damage is likely if driving a dead short? output devices? whole PCB?
    3. If damaged, I assume repairable but any guide on cost?

    I am helping the guy as he is retired and music is his pastime and does not have much to spend

    Any feedback much appreciated.
  2. Eyebroughty

    Eyebroughty JohnC


    I would suggest a call to either Class A or Witch Hat as they will give you some possible areas of concern and potential price charges to fix.


  3. MJS

    MJS Trade: Consultant at WH Audio

    The 250 has a power supply board with an overcurrent trip if you haven't left the amp for a few minutes between power ups for the caps to discharge and reset the circuit it will stay tripped. Unfortunately in my experience that isn't enough to prevent the output devices from self destructing on a pure short-circuit though. Those boards also have capacitors that age badly over the 10 year service life interval requiring another change of components. You'd be looking at a minimum of getting the amp serviced anyway. Any board fixes are likely to be easy and would usually be included in the service cost when Witch Hat do it.
  4. onlyconnect

    onlyconnect pfm Member

    I love the 32/250 and run it myself; but may be worth observing that even with a dud channel you could get good money on eBay (or in the classified here) and put it towards a new Yamaha amp, say, which will sound great and be hassle-free; it probably won't last as long as the Naim but the VFM is so good that it does not matter too much.

  5. Neiro

    Neiro pfm Member

    Ok, so it looks like he has fried one channel. He did consult a Naim dealer who advised that Naim were the only people who could repair it and quoted several hundreds of pounds which put my guy off. I have told him of Class A and Witch Hat so he now knows there are options. I am going over there tomorrow but looks like there will be nothing I can do.

    He is concerned about long term reliability and I guess he does not have the money to service all of it properly.

    He knows it has some value so that is an option, I am taking around an Arcam integrated for him to borrow, he is intrigued and maybe this will be his best route.

    I'll see how it goes.

    Thanks again
  6. colasblue

    colasblue pfm Member

    Naim reliability is second to none if he did get it fixed.
  7. Neiro

    Neiro pfm Member

    Don't doubt it but he just does not have the funds to do them justice.
  8. Whatsisnaim

    Whatsisnaim pfm Member

    I would try to find out when they were serviced last. If this was less than 10 years ago, and done properly, there's no need to do it again, and the required repair may not be too costly. Class A are the only Naim approved service agent other than sending it back to the factory via a dealer, and their charges are lower, so the dealer you spoke to didn't quite have his facts right. Call Naim and Class A, and they will be able to check against the serial number if any work has been done in the past. To be fair to MJS, I'm sure Witch Hat are capable of sorting this too.
  9. Woodface

    Woodface pfm Member

    Service at naim is £340 including return courier I understand. Class A will probably be less than this.
  10. MJS

    MJS Trade: Consultant at WH Audio

    All the engineers at Witch Hat are ex-Naim so we know what we're doing. And we aren't constrained by the official factory line any more meaning we can often fit better parts.

    A 1978 NAP250 will be a bolt-up model and will have many different parts from a sleeved NAP250. If the output transistors have died then there may be cost involved in replacing them with newer Naim equivalents. It will definitely need checking out.
  11. Neiro

    Neiro pfm Member

    Went around there today. The 250 is definitely dead on one channel. Turns out the 32 has had some work (caps etc) the balance has been bypassed but the vol pot is scratchy and the input selector does not work correctly. The Hi-Cap has never been serviced. It did not look like a bolt up model but I did not look too closely at it. It has a red on/off switch not the green. Anyway looks pretty much like he is going to sell it, priced to reflect it's condition as he does not have the funds to do anything with it. Hopefully somebody will get a bargain/project.

    Thanks for all your help.
  12. stevec67

    stevec67 pfm Member

    If he wants to sell they get a very favourable audience here, if you have the posts (50) and the history (3 months?) you might want to sell it for him here. Otherwise a faulty item will be hard to shift.

    Servicing a Hicap is easy enough, though it is a PSU that actually has something in the box, unlike some.

    A crackly volume can be fixed with contact spray, maybe the selector can too.
    Guinnless likes this.
  13. colasblue

    colasblue pfm Member

    Be surprised if you couldn't get a grand for the whole lot it even in it's current condition.

    That would get you a very nice integrated like a Cambridge Azure 840A or something plus change!
  14. Neiro

    Neiro pfm Member

    That is pretty much the plan
  15. Woodface

    Woodface pfm Member

    I hope he ends up with a good outcome & the outgoing kit finds a good home. Music is king, the rest is just a deliver of.
  16. Eyebroughty

    Eyebroughty JohnC


    If your friend does sell the items as they currently are maybe a look at one of the Rega integrated say the Elex-R as they are very good and Rega have as good service as Naim.

    Am sure if you put an advert up in the classifieds for an Interest Check as they currently stand you would have a few on here interested.


  17. Arkless Electronics

    Arkless Electronics Trade: Amp design and repairs.

    I wouldn't want a retired, skint, music lover to suffer... I'll get it going for £100 plus carriage if that's any help. That is just get it going though... not a service, recap or anything and parts would be whatever I have in stock that is suitable for the job rather then "exactly what Naim fit" (which will no doubt have changed anyway since 1978!). I doubt there will be any obvious change to the sound.
  18. Woodface

    Woodface pfm Member

    Nice gesture Jez, top man
  19. peterm

    peterm pfm Member

    Who would have thought that Jez had a soft side!

    Well done Jez, hope the op appreciates the gesture.
  20. Neiro

    Neiro pfm Member

    Hi Jez, that is an incredibly kind offer. That is the tack I am taking as well, just trying to help the guy. I have lent him an amp for the moment to keep him going and he is having a think about it. I am pretty sure he will look to sell it as is, maybe even on here if I get my postings up.

    Thanks again

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