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Naim NNP01 conversion

Discussion in 'd.i.y.' started by ratovan2, Apr 29, 2019.

  1. ratovan2

    ratovan2 Member

    Hi all, I am hoping to convert my Naim NNP01 streaming amp into a stand alone power amplifier and could use a little help if possible.
    I have tried to find information on the product from Naim and using the web but very little seems available.
    What i want to attempt is to remove all the input and streaming boards and utilise the power amp and power supply.
    I had hoped that merely disconnecting the power amp connecting cable from the input side and terminating this to a naim style connector or possibly bulkhead RCA`s would be possible.
    Looking at the pcb layout it is very similar to a Nap 200 other than shape and off board power supply, but I am now unsure if i have simplified things greatly and this would not work without modification.

    Any help or ideas would be gratefully received
  2. ratovan2

    ratovan2 Member

  3. TOR

    TOR pfm Member

    Yes this is entirely possible, this was an ‘upgrade’ path for the Nait series though if I remember correctly this bypassed the power amp boards making the Nait a pre.

    In your amp, the input cable is the black multi core. Terminating this to a connector either rca, din, xlr etc will have the desired effect. IMO, you might as well leave everything else as is for an easy reinstatement should you want to part ways with it in the future. The only issue may be finding enough free space on the back for siting connectors.
    ratovan2 likes this.
  4. ratovan2

    ratovan2 Member

    Thanks for the reply, I was thinking of testing it first then carefully removing the guts and fitting RCA`s and a DIN socket as I wont be using it as a streaming amp again.
    Hopefully get to try the conversion early next week, will report back.
  5. ratovan2

    ratovan2 Member

    Happy to report she is singing beautifully after the modification, just need to tidy it up now.
    Thanks TOR for the input, very much appreciated.
  6. CalDK

    CalDK Member

    Appreciate this thread - It inspired me to pick up an S/H NNP01 locally and I managed to convert it today. I'd still be interested in using the digital/preamp boards, though, if I could find a relatively cheap way to do so. I've actually downloaded the Streamnet Application Suite, which I think might allow me to select input and gain via Windows, though I'd have to do this anew whenever the amp has been switched off. The most immediate problem, however, is that the software is password protected, as it was only meant for professionals.
  7. ratovan2

    ratovan2 Member

    Appreciate your reply as I have been looking for the Streamnet software and have been unable to find a copy, could you tell me where you found it?.
    I have left mine ready to convert back if suitable software and windows access could be found.
  8. CalDK

    CalDK Member

    Just google "Streamnet Application Suite" and the first hits should contain links to different versions of the software.
  9. ratovan2

    ratovan2 Member

    Excellent, got that thanks, like you say just need a password now ????
  10. aeon

    aeon pfm Member

    Doesn't they come with working Naim version of streaming application? Could original software be used with your now isolated streaming boards?
  11. ratovan2

    ratovan2 Member

    To be honest I didn’t put that much effort into trying, I am very happy with the outcome of my conversion. It sounds terrific, typical Naim sound which I love.
    However if someone comes up with an easy solution to get it working through the Naim software, or any streaming software, then I have left it so it can be returned to original.

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