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[FS] Neat Petite SX - Satin White

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by mil46, May 6, 2020.

  1. mil46

    mil46 pfm Member

    Okay.... Some of you may have seen my post recently wanting a small bookshelf speakers to tide me over until I got myself a more permanent pair. I managed to get these NOS from PJ Hifi. Got them on Monday this week. As it happens, I was also offered a pair of Tannoys on here, which I also purchased as my more permanent pair (if such a thing exists)

    To cut a long story short, these Neats are up for sale. They are brand new, (not ex demo) opened and used for a couple of days. I just want to recover what I paid so they are up for £520 plus post if anyone wants them. Thought Id try here before fleabay. I have the invoices.
    Thanks for looking
  2. mil46

    mil46 pfm Member

  3. Sifter

    Sifter New Member

    Hi , interested, shipping $ to Chicago... 60645? Thank you ("Savingsaddict" on eBay, usaudiomart.com)
  4. mil46

    mil46 pfm Member

    Hi, thanks for your contact. Wouldn’t really be happy shipping these to US. Thanks anyway
  5. mil46

    mil46 pfm Member

  6. mil46

    mil46 pfm Member

  7. Mitch65

    Mitch65 Member

    I’ll bump it because they are cheap for such a good little speaker
  8. datay

    datay pfm Member

    I agree, I have a walnut pair I paid only slightly less for (used, maybe it was £20 less), off this forum almost five years ago. Still have them. in almost daily use. There was a recent thread in Audio on them, too.

    Bump for you!
  9. mil46

    mil46 pfm Member

    Thanks for the bumps. Really good speakers, I would have thought theyd go at that price. Maybe its the colour?
  10. mil46

    mil46 pfm Member

  11. mil46

    mil46 pfm Member

    Last bump before you know where
  12. mil46

    mil46 pfm Member

    bump - anyone want photos please let me know

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