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New 'Baby' Phono stage NOW available from Sonneteer Based on original Alabaster internal stage

Discussion in 'trade announcements' started by Sonneteer, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. Sonneteer

    Sonneteer Trade: Sonneteer

    Hi all,
    We've just announced our new 'Baby' phono stage. Available on our site now.

    It's a development of the original, much praised, internal phonostage that cam in the Alabaster and before it the Campion amplifiers. A lot of work has gone in to better that and keep it nice and compact.

    Inexpensive and sounds, well it plays in the back ground when I'm working mostly theses days. Has made my vinyls accessible again.

    Oh and we've called it, The Bard's Phonostage. You might notice a pattern developing :)

  2. Sonneteer

    Sonneteer Trade: Sonneteer

  3. Sonneteer

    Sonneteer Trade: Sonneteer

  4. Sonneteer

    Sonneteer Trade: Sonneteer

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