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New Camera Advice

Discussion in 'photo' started by Robby, Feb 19, 2019.

  1. Pete MB&D

    Pete MB&D Pete Maddex, the one and only!

    I seem to have gravitated to 24mm on a crop body and 35mm on a full frame body.

  2. The Far North

    The Far North pfm Member

  3. Joe P

    Joe P certified Buffologist / mod

    One thing that's obvious but not always mentioned is that no matter how small and lightweight the camera, if you mount a big honkin' zoom on it it'll weight a tonne. I had a look at the 24-70mm f/2.8 VR Nikon zoom when it came out as it's a very handy range, but once I saw how big and heavy it is I had no desire to walk around all day with one mounted on my camera.


    Contrast that with a few prime lenses from Voigtlander — 20mm, 28mm and 40mm


    Even after adding a 105mm f/2.5 or 75-150mm f/3.5 to get the tele range, it's still quite manageable.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  4. Mr Cat

    Mr Cat Owner

    I went for canon's smallest - the 100D, but it's still a lump to carry around when using the EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM... but it's not too bad for night time use with the sigma 30mm f1.4... I've just bought a sony rx100 5A for daytime duties, and will see how that pans out, but looking promising so far.. :)
  5. Joe P

    Joe P certified Buffologist / mod

    Mistah Cat,

    How's the Sony RX100? I'm not planning to get a compact, but if I did it would be the Sony RX100 or the Panasonic Lumix DC-LX100 Mark II: Electric Boogaloo.

  6. Milan

    Milan pfm Member

    I found that a D800 with a 24-70 f2.8 Tamron I could get excellent image quality for landscapes as often the apertures I used ranged between f5.6 and f11. Not a huge difference with the equivalent primes I had (20, 28, 50, 85 f1.8's). However, the weight and compactness of the primes was great. The 24-70 is a big lens. Nikon's version is even bigger. I did run a number of images with the Nikon 24-120 and it is a really good lens. Lighter than the 24-70 and more versatile. Also in the f5.6 to f11 range it really excells.

    I went for the Fuji (sold all my Nikon gear) because I liked a number of things including the handling, old school dials and the obvious benefits of size and weight. The ability to customise the buttons and access menu features quickly is also very good. Their lenses are really great. If shooting landscapes the 18-55 kit is really impressive, especially at the more typical apertures I use in landscapes i.e. f5.6 to f11. As an APSC it does not have the resolution of the D800 or the Sony's etc.. However, if you want to get that size of file there is always, conditions permitting, the ability to stitch multiple images together.
  7. Mr Cat

    Mr Cat Owner

    it's decent - tho, I've never had a proper play with it as such... but check out my photo in the latest photo comp thread on here... that was a snap from my sofa... :)
  8. Mr Cat

    Mr Cat Owner

    but also to add - I've seen some reviews of the rx100 6 - and at full focal length there is supposed to be a fair bit of distortion in the images (especially at the edges), tho, I'm not sure if their inhouse editing software can resolve that, but a video I saw it looked quite bad, so think I made the correct decision in getting the 5A... :)
  9. Trekker

    Trekker pfm Member

    Have you considered a Fuji Refurb?

    I have purchased a couple of camera's from them and they have been like brand new, with a 12 month warranty.

    You could get a X-T2 with the XF-18-55mm for £950 and either the XF14 f2.8 or XF-10-24 f4 for £599, so £1549 all in.
  10. Robby

    Robby pfm Member

    I am at the point of thinking far too much about which camera I should go for that I have not gone for anything.

    Whatever it may be I would like it to be as future proof as possible. The XT3 looks like a good bet.

    For some reason I keep being drawn to the Sony A7rii but I think the Fuji would be a better long term purchase.
  11. Trekker

    Trekker pfm Member

    Dont think you can go far wrong the the X-T3.

    If you have an old camera to part ex, then Fuji are running a £100 trade-in bonus on this until the end of march.

    I have an A7ii, i would be tempted by the a7rii if the battery life was better and the a7iii if it was a bit cheaper.
  12. John Channing

    John Channing fruit box forever

    I bought one recently with the optional battery grip which was also on special offer. It is a superb camera.
  13. Robby

    Robby pfm Member

    So I now have the new camera. It was not a purchase I expected to make but with a sale at Wilkinson's plus cashback I ended up getting a Lumix G9 with Leica 12-60 lens.

    Arguably a million miles from the Sony A7RII I had issues getting through a seller on eBay but so far I have been pleasantly surprised. The sensor is not the best in low light but still acceptable for me.

    It's built likel a brick sh!t house, is lightning fast to operate, has a great menu system (far better than. Sony's and the IBIS is nothing short of miraculous.

    Time will tell if it's a keeper. Will be taking it on holiday next week to Paris, Copenhagen, Malmö and Stockholm and so will see how it performs.
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