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New House

Discussion in 'music' started by darrell_giant, May 12, 2015.

  1. Nick_G

    Nick_G pfm Member

  2. darrell_giant

    darrell_giant pfm Member

  3. darrell_giant

    darrell_giant pfm Member

  4. Nick_G

    Nick_G pfm Member

  5. Cereal Killer

    Cereal Killer fourhundredandthirtytwo

    Try: Primal Code /ness /deepbass or his aliases....
  6. Nick_G

    Nick_G pfm Member

  7. darrell_giant

    darrell_giant pfm Member

  8. darrell_giant

    darrell_giant pfm Member

  9. darrell_giant

    darrell_giant pfm Member

  10. darrell_giant

    darrell_giant pfm Member

  11. Nick_G

    Nick_G pfm Member

    ^Truncate the pick of that selection for me.


    Below Water - Leave It Behind - actually about 4 months old but new to me

    Shall Ocin - Stay Here

    N'conduit - In the Mood for Zima (October’s Increased pH Levels Remix)

    Love Cryme - She's So Freaky - old-school funk style

    Asymptote - Jealous Guy - that'll clear away the cobwebs ;)

    Pelace - The World Of Pelace

    Purpura - The Joke - originally appeared in April 2018 then vanished. Back again

    E Davd - Wavestation (Nu Cycle Mix)

    Erell Ranson - How Dare You - lush deep Detroit-inspired stuff. Sounds like it should be on Transmat

    Dj Life - Spectre

    M.S.L. - Periphery

    James Booth - Summer Interlude

    Steven Tang - Nightfall - from 2002 but new on Soundcloud

    Steven Tang - The Quest - from 1999 but new on Soundcloud. This and the track above are superb

    DJ Dine & Dash - Make It Brief Master

    Penelope Two-Five - Psyche

    Tim Cosinus & Untitled - April 22

    Andy Garvey - Welcome To Infinity

    Composite Profuse - Thronic

    PX - Human Behavior

    6del - 57

    Jensen Interceptor - E L E K T R O - self-explanatory!
  12. darrell_giant

    darrell_giant pfm Member

    There's a new Justin Cudmore. This one's from a couple of months ago.

  13. Nick_G

    Nick_G pfm Member

  14. guey

    guey pfm Member

  15. Nick_G

    Nick_G pfm Member

    Oh yes he's been doing bleep/house/techno for years, right back to Sweet Exorcist and the early Warp days. That's deep, dark and trippy!
  16. darrell_giant

    darrell_giant pfm Member

    Third track on this - Adrift, is a still point in the day to these ears. Lovely.

    Bladymore Galaxy

    Vid - Life of Dreams Ep. All tracks good and worth a nosey.

    Apologies for the repetition. The only way to get the middle track in

    Paul Mac

    Re-released on Direct Beat

    In similar flavour Keith Tucker's Puzzlebox tracks back round

  17. farfromthesun

    farfromthesun pfm Member

    That Aux 88! Brings back some memories.
    Nick_G likes this.
  18. darrell_giant

    darrell_giant pfm Member

  19. farfromthesun

    farfromthesun pfm Member

  20. Nick_G

    Nick_G pfm Member

    Some great music there guys, particularly the Matt Dubspun and Emmanuel releases. That Aux 88 is one I haven't heard for years. I think I have the Trance Atlantic CD with it on somewhere.

    Some more:

    Zomby - Zexor

    Daniel Avery - AQPAN6102 - appeared on Soundcloud last year but hasn't been released until now on an 'Alpha Remixes' LP with remixes of tracks from 'Song For Alpha' and previously unreleased sessions from the same time, including this one

    Daniel Avery - The Gait Of A Man I've Never Met - another track from the new LP

    JoeFarr - Eat Your Soul - we like a bit of banging techno don't we?

    D.K. – Riding For A Fall

    JΔIME - Burn The Cowboy

    Long Island Sound - Alone (But Not Alone)

    E.S.O.M. - Blue Pyramid - from 2009, new on Soundcloud. I wonder if these old tracks are getting a digital release?

    Lone - Dendron

    Marco Bernardi - Soijien

    Flora FM – Insist On You (Brain Mix)

    JayDee Sa - Arpology

    Ulwhednar - High Resolution Infrared Thermal Imaging MST 4416

    Drvg Cvltvre - Middle Empyre (DyLAB Remix)

    Principleasure - Persepolis (Iro Aka Club Edit)

    Sonny - Vart Fjell

    Philip Budny - It's Different

    Col. J - Shibuya

    Lakehead - Stingray Ultras

    Obsolete Music Technology - Inner Voice - from 2008, new on Soundcloud

    Alexander Robotnick - Undicidisco (Bawrut 1-2-3-4 Remix)

    Lhasa - The Call

    Jacques Renault - When You Know You Know (Brooklyn Live Mix)

    Marco Bernardi - Super Deep Voices

    Situation Feat Andre Espeut - Never Thought I'd Get Ya (Afro Acid Remix)

    Marbman - Border - excellent deep house track from India!

    Ross Gerge - Flexed


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