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New House

Discussion in 'music' started by darrell_giant, May 12, 2015.

  1. darrell_giant

    darrell_giant pfm Member

    Yes fine thanks, busy week with one thing and another. Hope you're good too.

    Have you ever been to or played at Griessmeuhle in Berlin? My son is there at the moment and had tickets to see Hell, Emmanuel and Shifted last night but was turned away at the door as were all his mates. Really disappointed for him, he rang me at 9 this morning and I picked up the phone thinking he must be just off to bed, but no they were all turned away even though they had tickets as were many others. Just wondered what the crack was with this. They all got their money back which helps, but is it normal to have to pass some kind of master of the universe vetting system to get in Berlin clubs even when you've got tickets? I know about Berghain and its selection of punters and this sort of stuff leaves a nasty taste to me. It only ever happened once to me, we'd driven up from Bristol to play at a techno club in Birmingham and couldn't get past the door staff despite having boxes of records and couldn't get hold of the promoter. That was a mistake, but my sons experience last night was an exclusion policy and its bullshit. It reminds me of the bad old days in Bristol when black men used to be turned away at the door for 'wearing trainers'. Ok its not quite the same as that was just blatant racism, but this type of stuff goes against what I believe clubbing is about. I do wonder if when I go into places now as an 'older gentleman' that its only a matter of time before someone says 'not tonight mate'. Never had a problem once inside though, in fact quite the opposite.

    Anyway, I've got my ticket to see Larry Heard, Carl Craig, Moodyman and Theo Parrish down your end in August. Should be plenty of 'oldies' at that one. My son is off to Amsterdam tomorrow so hope for better luck for him there.
  2. darrell_giant

    darrell_giant pfm Member

    farfrom. Tucking into some spicy Chinese ribs at the mo. Hope yours get better soon.
  3. Nick_G

    Nick_G pfm Member

  4. farfromthesun

    farfromthesun pfm Member

    That sucks, Darrell. I've not been, but I can't even begin to get my head around the fact that people who have planned, bought tickets in advance and then arrived at the venue could be turned away. It's just preposterous and really doesn't reflect what partying should be about. The money back is a small consolation, but I hope they didn't go all the way to Berlin especially for that event!

    The Hydra weekend looks absolutely immense, and despite the fact that Jeff is playing on the Saturday, my eye was drawn to the Sunday that you have tickets for. Larry Heard live would be worth the admission price alone. Unfortunately I am away that weekend, otherwise I might have found myself in Surrey Quays for the entirety of the bank holiday weekend!

    Hope you enjoyed your ribs. I am suffering with mine.
  5. farfromthesun

    farfromthesun pfm Member

  6. guey

    guey pfm Member

    The Crooked Man remixes of Roisin Murphy's Incapable are excellent - taking an early doors groover into darker territory.
  7. darrell_giant

    darrell_giant pfm Member

  8. darrell_giant

    darrell_giant pfm Member

  9. Nick_G

    Nick_G pfm Member

  10. darrell_giant

    darrell_giant pfm Member

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