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New Products From Pro-Ject

Discussion in 'trade announcements' started by Needles & Spins, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. Needles & Spins

    Needles & Spins Registered User

    Hi Folks,

    A couple of new (to the UK anyway) turntables from Pro-Ject as of the end of this month.

    Pro-Ject Xpression Comfort



    This is a new semi automatic version of the Pro-Ject Xpression with built in electronic speed control.

    The speed control is based on the Speedbox Mk2 power supply which has proved to be an effective tweak for the standard Xpression. It also has a cleverly implemented semi automatic operation. The way it has been implemented has no negative effect on sound quality. In operation its very slick indeed. It might not appeal to the hardcore audiophile who sneers at such conveniences ... but it certainly ups the WAF :)

    speaking of WAF ....

    The Pro-Ject Xperience Comfort



    The same approach for the Pro-Ject Xperience, except this time they've also changed the finish to a high gloss Olive Wood finish (it really looks special in the flesh). Built in electronic speed change and Semi Auto operation. The semi automatic operation is childs play. You position the arm at the start of the record and press play, the platter starts to spin and the arm drops. At the end of the side, the arm automatically lifts and the platter stops.

    cartridge options are available for these decks (see their respective web pages). If you need a phonostage as well, again options are available.

    All the best


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