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New Robert Plant Album and Tickets

Discussion in 'music' started by Barry williams, Aug 18, 2017.

  1. scottcarpenter

    scottcarpenter pfm Member

    Never mind all this talk of tickets, what do we think of the album?

    I am listening to it for the umpteenth time now and I think it's fantastic.
  2. Farthings cat

    Farthings cat pfm Member

    You listening on CD or Vinyl?
  3. scottcarpenter

    scottcarpenter pfm Member

    Tidal into the Naim Dac V1.
  4. Engels

    Engels pfm Member

    I listened to the NPR stream before release and got the CD which is packaged like a mini gatefold LP from Amazon on release day and have been playing it almost daily since. A couple of tracks are clunkers but the rest is superb. I don't know which lady he's thinking about in these lyrics but she ought to give them a listen

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