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[FS] Octave V70SE tube amplifier (integrated) + black box, immaculate condition

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by will777888, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. will777888

    will777888 pfm Member

    Octave V70SE integrated valve amplifier and black box power supply upgrade, both in silver.

    I may regret this, but I have decided to try active speakers, which means there is now an opportunity to purchase this wonderful tube amplifier. I am the second owner and have enjoyed seven fantastic years listening to and beholding this amp. This is a V70 amp which received an upgrade from the factory to SE specification in 2011 (I have the invoice). Included in the sale is a black box power supply upgrade which multiplies the PS storage capacitance by 4x. This improves the dynamic range and helps the amp cope with low impedance speaker loads.

    I initially purchased this after reading that Dynaudio (which I owned at the time) used Octave amps in their show systems. The amp sounds great, very powerful and punchy and clean yet refined with lovely rich harmonic colour. Best of both worlds. It outputs about 70W per channel.

    This is a low maintenance valve amp, biasing the power tubes is made very easy with small pots on the front face and LED indication of bias voltage. Unlike many components, I have never felt the itch to try something else. Only the purchase of active speakers makes this redundant.

    I have the original packaging, manuals, valve cover and remote. I will also throw in a few ECC83 input tubes. Currently running KT120 power tubes, I will also include 3x 6550 and 4x KT88 (used but working). I have only needed to replace power tubes once in seven years when one 6550 blew.

    The amp is in immaculate condition, as good as new really. You may see a couple of tiny marks where the tube cover screws down, but this would have been the case when unboxed for the very first time. Faultless electronically and audibly, this is built like a tank and should still be singing many decades from now.

    Octave V70SE currently retails for £4,795 and Black Box for £990 (Elite Audio). Asking £2,500.

    Collection and demo welcome near Tewkesbury. I could post after cleared funds but this is very heavy and with full insurance could be expensive.

    I am in need of a pre-amp for my new active speakers. I’m really after a balanced valve pre (e.g. Modwright) but may consider something else to tide me over until the right one comes along. So, I may be willing to consider something in part exchange.

    Also selling Zingali Zero Otto speakers, see separate advert.

    Sorry the photos aren’t great, I missed the last of the daylight. I may try to take some better ones soon.


  2. Relentless77

    Relentless77 New Member

    Hello there,

    Do you want to sell this amplifier + black box quickly?
    I'll be happy to pay for it your asking price,if you can wait 2-3 month.
    I cannot afford to buy it now,because I want to buy a house in the next month.
    Please letting me know if you interested.


    Last edited: Feb 5, 2019
  3. will777888

    will777888 pfm Member

    Just to add - as an alternative to a balanced preamp, I could use a DAC with balanced outputs, volume control and remote control. All my sources are digital, and the DAC could drive the active speakers directly. This could be a decent high end model of similar value to my sale, or something more basic to tide me over until I find the right one; px or swap.
  4. will777888

    will777888 pfm Member

    Price reduced... £1,950.
  5. jobseeker

    jobseeker pfm Member

    PM sent
  6. will777888

    will777888 pfm Member

  7. will777888

    will777888 pfm Member

    All tubes photographed included in the sale. So that's six 6550 (above was incorrect), four KT88 and four KT120, plus some nice small tubes (couple of Mullards in there).

    Some untested but believed to be working.
  8. will777888

    will777888 pfm Member

  9. will777888

    will777888 pfm Member

    I have bought a suitable DAC with volume control, so this is now a straight sale with no p/x.
  10. will777888

    will777888 pfm Member

  11. will777888

    will777888 pfm Member

  12. will777888

    will777888 pfm Member

  13. will777888

    will777888 pfm Member

  14. will777888

    will777888 pfm Member

  15. todes

    todes Active Member

    Hi I have a fully balanced valve Pre amp that’s remote control - JE ML19. Let me know if interested.
  16. will777888

    will777888 pfm Member

  17. MusicBee

    MusicBee Member

    Hi There,

    Thank You
  18. DrDx

    DrDx pfm Member

    I'm on the lookout for a nice valve integrated & I was really impressed when listening to an Octave amplifier several years ago! I'm definitely interested...
  19. will777888

    will777888 pfm Member

    Now sold.

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