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Olive and kudos Titan t88-

Discussion in 'audio' started by davidf, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. davidf

    davidf pfm Member

    I have all Olive Naim 01/cds2/52/135s in very large room.
    Currently use Focal 1038 be’s- anyone have an opinion on slotting in Titan t88 speakers?
    Have not heard them as yet.
  2. hifinutt

    hifinutt hifinutt

    Wow , lovely speakers , I noticed Tom Tom audio has some. The 1038 is also good though , be interesting how you find the titan
  3. anotherdom

    anotherdom pfm Member

    I run T88s - had them while I was using a NAC52 also, though not with Olive amplification (NAP300 DRs, and in an average-sized room). They’re superbly musical, comfortable with all manner of musical genres and not in any way fatiguing. Just a lovely way to spend a few hours in my experience. They go low too.
  4. davidf

    davidf pfm Member

    Thanks dom- hope to be trying them in my home soon. I have huge room- my Focal’s sound good and can really fill the room well- hoping the Titans are good upgrade.
    I understand their looks are not for everyone. From the pics I think they look interesting. Your thoughts on their appearance?
  5. anotherdom

    anotherdom pfm Member

    Well, they replaced Shahinian Hawks in a room I don’t have to share - so looks aren’t really a consideration! They’re quite imposing ‘in the wood’, but I sit about 2.5 metres away. In a bigger room I think they’d be easier to accommodate, and I quite like the functional aesthetic. Two separate elements to each speaker makes setting up a lot easier - and having both cabinets vent through the controlled gap between them is a clever way of easing room placement.
  6. davidf

    davidf pfm Member

    Dom, u use what speaker cable? Which box gets the speaker cable- top or bottom?
    Difficult to set up by one person?
  7. anotherdom

    anotherdom pfm Member

    The design makes set-up a lot easier. No problem doing it on your own. I originally used NAC A5, single run and think I settled on connecting to the bass cabinet having experimented with both. I now use a pair of amplifiers (absolutely not necessary!) so individual cable runs to each of the cabinets, again with NAC A5 and more recently TQ Ultra Black.
  8. davidf

    davidf pfm Member

    thanks, Dom
    anybody else have any experience with the Titan T88?
    I have not yet had my demo-
  9. manicatel

    manicatel pfm Member

    Not exactly on track, but a mate & I will soon be demoing the 606’s & maybe the 505’s along with Vitus amps.
    Should be towards the end of this month, once my man-flu has gone.
  10. davidf

    davidf pfm Member

    Guess kudos titans t88 are rare - especially in US
    Will sample soon
    Hoping for good things!

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