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ONIX SERVICE... Available in May 2019 at ONIX UK. .Dust of the old stuff

Discussion in 'audio' started by Onixdna, Apr 10, 2019.

  1. Onixdna

    Onixdna Onix GB


    We have just launched our new site www.onixdna.com.

    All old ONIX units can be renovated, but please read below before E mailing me to confirm your interest, and note we will can no longer service any old units outside of this offer at any other time of year. It has sadly become beyond viabilty to do so . I suspect this many be the last chance to get 30 years more.

    Its clear that service across all walks of life is virually gone ,often the customer does not really understand why . Its time we all understood that we ( companies ) are customers too, the lies we end up with regarding what we buy from suppliers or when components will arrive is scary . S##T rolls downhill.

    I try to renovate older units to same as new spec of our classic OA21 and other Onix products including our old tricks ( that only 2 of us ever knew about ). Even after 30 years and with this in mind, once a year I allocate time to renovate as many at one time so they are done all together ( kind of a nostalgic repair period ) with parts in hand to make it as cost effecitve as possible . I will be doing this in May 2019 and as such we have included a fixed price for doing so on our site ( in the products section ) , its time for all those old units ( OA21/OA22/ OA801/OA601/ SOAP to get a new lease of life for another 30 years , relays switches and capacitors ( when required ) while we still have parts, or we can get the parts that are required .

    You must call me or E mail me before to make sure I am aware of what you send in, and the fixed payment is required in advance within the next 10 days for this years renovation . Turnaround is about a month from the start of May , unless I advise otherwise or your unit is beyond repair, in which case a full refund will be given . I cannot take repairs after May 2019 of anything older than 5 years . Until we renovate old stock again

    I for one hate this degrade of quality in most things including the lack of interest in older products , We all need to keep history alive . I have found this works well to do once a year . May 2019 is this years date.

    Onix is proud that we can fix 30 year old units , sadly I dont know how long we can still do this , but this year we will .

    Dust of the old units boys get 30 years more before it too late

    Adam W
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2019
    Robert M and topa like this.
  2. topa

    topa Sans CDPs

    that is much appreciated, what a refreshing attitude!
    My own Onix has been renovated locally so it's good to go for some time now.

    PS: Since you brought up cars, my daily driver is also turning 30 this year, and receives strong support my Mercedes classics too.
  3. Onixdna

    Onixdna Onix GB

    I edited the car bit but yes merc OK but VW and Ford forget it .. lets not forget the OA21 was only 350 GBP new so we didnt do bad.

    I would say Tony and Myself had a few tricks built in to the OA21 that really only we knew about, so others can make them work but just maybe not quite the same sound comes out ..After all a capacitor is not the sum of a sheet of paper along with a few other things we added .. :) and I check to spec from new .

  4. Cereal Killer

    Cereal Killer fourhundredandthirtytwo


    Did the DAC board for th DNA ever come to fruition?
  5. Onixdna

    Onixdna Onix GB


    Cereal, fact is it did and it is ..But I did not put it in to production yet .

    The UK commited commercial suicide 2 years ago or there abouts, and it affected everyone .. I froze UK investment and froze most activites in Europe and went to Asia to make sure we survived .. I always planned to come back and march on when the dust had settled but we both know the story on that.

    I am just moving forward now , as I figure we are all sick of the wait , so keep an eye open on our site, new things are happening including methods of sale as well as " agents " in the UK . The DNA50 has got better since reviews too ( more power as well as a few other things ) .. Wink Wink

    Keep checking

    Adam W

  6. Sue Pertwee-Tyr

    Sue Pertwee-Tyr pfm Member

    Adam, I don't have any Onix gear so no dog in this fight, but can I make a suggestion that whatever these tricks that you and only one other person know about are, you document them somewhere. Sadly, the designer of Albarry died a year or so ago, and thanks to his habit of keeping his secrets closely guarded, the business effectively died with him. Obviously, I'm not envisaging anything quite so drastic for you, but it does give one pause, doesn't it?
  7. Onixdna

    Onixdna Onix GB

    Onix is documented quite well .

    Thanks for the concern, it is sadly reality of many things in todays world . No one ever made the OA21 under a different name , nothing was ever quite as good in its place ... There is more than one reason why they could not copy it .

    When I am gone I hope our documents may have some value in allowing our efforts to live on .

    I love this video by the way ..it sums up the OA21 click the video


    Adam W

  8. Onixdna

    Onixdna Onix GB

    Dont forget guys E mail me on adam@onix-gb.com in the first place , as I have quite a few to do so time will get tight. I also need to order some parts and switches for certain models .
  9. Onixdna

    Onixdna Onix GB

    Interest is good , but I only do this once a year for our classic equipment, and I may not be able do this again due to component supply , I cant emphasize the importance of this years slot . We/I will not service any older equipment for at least another year or maybe ever again. Dont under estimate this urgency . Remind me how many parts used in the older stuff we made are used in anything in todays world ? ..Would you produce those parts ? Let alone good ones ? Just so you know time is running out
  10. Onixdna

    Onixdna Onix GB

    Forgot to mention we give you a certificate of renovation and a 2 year warrenty from ONIX ( does not cover carriage )
  11. guydarryl

    guydarryl pfm Member

    Hi Adam, I note that you don't list the OA20 for service - is that because it is so bloody good that it doesn't need it?

    Still using mine, and still very happy with it :)
  12. madmike

    madmike I feel much better now, I really do...

    ...and just for the record I have a fully refurbished, serviced and lovingly restored to as new spec OA21.
    All courtesy of the team at ONIX. I would recommend them.
  13. Onixdna

    Onixdna Onix GB

    Hi Guys

    Mike good to know you still enjoy it, but the time has come ...

    I am concerned that some of you that have units are under the idea that we can do this when it suits them later on. It takes 5 man hours to renovate older units plus parts to do so , which includes replacing all wires and a total resolder of all joints and replacments of connectors and most switches by default , this along with anything else like components the unit needs which in most cases is capacitors. The time has come to close the door on trying to do these units individually, it just does not pay either us or you . I am the only person that works on the older units .

    With the above in mind and to clear up understanding we cannot offer service to any of the older units out side of this offer at any other time of year. Units covered under warrenty of this offer will be repaired as required 365 but no new service of older units will be given after this offer at any other time of year .

    30 years has taken its toll on all of our units and I strongly suggest keeping them alive , you have my word parts for them will dry up within a few short years , no matter who you know or says they wont I am certain they will, so Lets keep them alive by making them good as new now for another 30 years while we can .

    After all they still look good I know they do, the OA21s is a classic look how many try to copy its look ;) I really want some sold on after 60 years .. I will be really old but it will make me smile

    Adam W
  14. Onixdna

    Onixdna Onix GB

    It seems some are concerned about our recon service ..check this link


    Not all things are equal we give a 2 years gtee ..( we dont think they will fail for 30 )
  15. Onixdna

    Onixdna Onix GB

    Its quite important if you need to keep the old stuff going , you get in touch ..Leave it you
  16. misterc6

    misterc6 Wasted and wounded, it ain’t what the moon did

    My OA21S is already booked in!
  17. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    Mine too!
  18. soileduk

    soileduk pfm Member

    Tried a couple times over the last few weeks. ‘Phone is answerphone and no call back. Website e-mail receives no reply so I have just tried the more direct e-mail for Adam from upthread. I have 1993 BWD1 tuner and SOAP2. I think it would be nice if I can get them to, at least, out last FM.
  19. guydarryl

    guydarryl pfm Member

    Paid for my OA20 to be serviced - quite excited at the prospect.
  20. Onixdna

    Onixdna Onix GB


    We have had on going issues with our hosting and both E Mails and comms were going missing , it went on far too long and after 10 years it was huge effort to resolve , I have resolved these issues now and moved our hosting and time has freed up a bit .

    With regards to the phone , we have developed a policy of blocking calls from sales companies as they take too much time , if a number is not shown of shown unknown , as such as I was in Asia it has been rather lax , as I alowed this to continue I do think most messages have been answered if one was left . Also during work hours in the morning works best.

    E mail me personally on adam@onix-gb.com and it should work fine , I am alocating time for this work to make sure the efforts needed are carried out cost efectivley, so its quite important we get this resolved for both of us

    Thanks for letting me know , but please do remember your E mail is one E mail, important to you and us , but we quite often get over 300 a day so it can get quite dificult to deal with as much as we try some do slip the net .

    Adam W

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