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Over 200 vinyl LP’s

Discussion in 'charity' started by silviffer, Nov 20, 2019.

  1. silviffer

    silviffer pfm Member

    Sadly I’m having to clear my late parents home and there are over 200 vinyl LP’s. I can not vouch for their actual condition but would be surprised if not mostly good and very playable.
    Obviously these are going to be of limited interest because of the era but before I try the local charity shop or council dump, I wondered if there were any Fishies who would like to give them a home. A donation - amount of your choice- to Marie Curie, but you must be able to collect in the next couple of weeks. Location is N. E. Derbyshire - very close to Jnct. 30 of the M1 motorway.
    To give some idea of the collection ( I have no time to list everything), there are over 40 Sinatra albums, 20-30 James Last, lots of Ray Conniff, Shirley Bassey, Ronnie Aldrich, Vic Damone, Jack Jones, Johnny Mathis, Andy Williams etc. - I’m sure you get the idea.
    If anyone is interested, these will be on a 1st come basis as I need to clear the property ASAP.

    Many thanks


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