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Discussion in 'trade sales' started by the-mains-man, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. the-mains-man

    the-mains-man Trade: Mains Cables R Us

    Please do not contact us unless you are a serious enquirer for this item. It is in as new condition, its been played for about 20 hours. It was ordered in for a customer who cancelled the order.

    Retails at £7395 selling for £6000

    MCRU are authorized PASS LABS dealers, full warranty and all packaging included in the sale.


  2. the-mains-man

    the-mains-man Trade: Mains Cables R Us

    After numerous time wasters serious enquiries down to £5500 firm.
  3. the-mains-man

    the-mains-man Trade: Mains Cables R Us

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