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[FS] Peachtree Nova 125 Integrated Amplifier with ESS Sabre DAC / Tube Buffer / Headphone

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by The Chronicals, Dec 29, 2018.

  1. The Chronicals

    The Chronicals Disruptor

    I advertised this earlier this year with it selling but the buyer being a typical internet dreamer. My dad then took ownership of it for interest sakes but is changing to something entirely different now, so back up for sale.

    Rarely available for sale, a Peachtree Nova 125, a fantastic Integrated amplifier with a strong DAC/Headphone out, tube buffer and that classic warm and articulate Peachtree sound. One of the best sub £2k amps imo, I don't think you'll find a bad word said against the NOVA125.

    Bought by me though Peter Tyson, owned by me and sold by me, around two years old. Exceptional condition, the plastic covering the Tube Screen hasn't even been removed. All original packaging and paperwork.

    This is the newer Nova 125, not to be compared the earlier Idecco and Nova units, the 125 had a complete revamp and overhaul, not the say the earlier wants wearn't good, they where, but the 125 really brought it home so to speak.

    Collection from the Wirral. Courier can be arranged at your cost and risk. Any questions please PM me( directly (to keep the thread free)







    nova125 Specifications
    • DAC: ESS Sabre 9023
    • Resolution: MP3,16/44.1,16/48,
      24/88, 24/96, 24/176, 24/192
    • USB: Asynchronous up to 24/192
    • Optical: Up to 24/96
    • Coax: Up to 24/192
    • Tube: 6N1P
    • Pre-out Impedance: 50 Ω
    • S/N: 96dB
    • Jitter: <3ps measured at master clock
    • Separation: 94dB
    • Power Output: 125 watts per channel 8Ω,
      220 watts per channel 4Ω
    • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz + .5dB
    • Gain: 24dB
    • Dynamic Range: 121dB
    • Sensitivity: 1.2v
    • Input Impedance: 50k Ω
    • Output Impedance: 18mΩ
    • Minimum Load: 2 Ω
    • Damping Factor: >1000 (100Hz 8Ω)
    • Max Output Current: 30A
    • Channel Tracking: <+ 0.2dB
    • Crosstalk: >90dB 20Hz-20kHz
    • Max Power Consumption: 600 watts
    • Standby Power Consumption: < 1 watt
    • Dimensions: 4.37 x 14.8 x 11.5 (inches)
    • Weight: 21.56lbs, 9.8kg
    • Finishes: High Gloss Black, Cherry, Rosewood
    • Warranty: 2 Years Parts and Labor, 6 Mo. Tube
  2. The Chronicals

    The Chronicals Disruptor

    Please someone buy this so I don't have to deal with another Gumtree cockwomble.
  3. Weiss-Man

    Weiss-Man pfm Member

    LOL, have a bump!!!
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  4. The Chronicals

    The Chronicals Disruptor

  5. The Chronicals

    The Chronicals Disruptor

  6. The Chronicals

    The Chronicals Disruptor

  7. The Chronicals

    The Chronicals Disruptor

  8. The Chronicals

    The Chronicals Disruptor

    Bumpty Trump

    (trump is a c**t)
  9. The Chronicals

    The Chronicals Disruptor

  10. The Chronicals

    The Chronicals Disruptor

    Sold to @shrink pending payment
    shrink likes this.
  11. The Chronicals

    The Chronicals Disruptor

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