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Photo Theme 266 - Tomorrow (diptych) - closing date midnight 8 February

Discussion in 'photo' started by miktec, Jan 22, 2020.

  1. miktec

    miktec unissued

    The theme is ‘Tomorrow’. To be presented as a diptych (vertical or horizontal division).
    You never know ….

    1) ONE photographic dyptych to have been taken and composed between this post and the end date (GMT/UTC midnight)
    2) Max dimensions 800 x 800px, to be displayed in line please, rather than linked.

    Themes so far have been:

    Cold; Unruly/disobedient; 4 Legged; My favourite Beauty Spot; Simple; Weather; Decay; Old & New; Rhythm; Motion; Portrait; Inside; Work, Rest or Play; Spring; Three; Light; Up; Charm; Feminine; Bokeh; Naked; Upside Down; Natural World; Square; Long Exposure; Sliding; Dream; Street; Autumnal; Night; Fish out of Water; Candid; Winterval; Hope; Portrait; Simplicity; Lines; Coast; Power; Bleak; Close up; Rock; Mechanical; Reflection; Two of; Abstract; Green; Humour; Curves; Fruit; Mother nature; Smooth; Neon; "on forever's very now we stand"; At the water's edge; "Out with the old, in with the new"; Warm; Stranger; Modern Life Is Rubbish; Still Life; Sparkling; Distant; Intertwine; Flow; Paths; Freedom; Numbers; Urban; Faces Everywhere; Beautiful Evidence; Angles; Static; Shadows; Darlin' Companion; Chill; Single Colour; Atmosphere; Isolation; Implementation; Texture; Hidden; Silhouettes; Leisure; Sphere of Influence; Yes; Set; White noise; Another Fine Mess; Industrial; Interstitial; From Above; Age; Tension; Top to Bottom; Evening; Comfort; Wind; Yellow; On your doorstep; Complex; Vanishing Point; Indulgence; After Dark; Gesture; Parking; Incongruous; Spring Has Sprung; Infrastructure; Commerce; On Two Wheels; Lush; Feet; Athletic; Water; Go; Lunch; Escapism; Pause; Uncovered; Beer; Window; Contrast; Time; Voluptuous; Numerous; Patience; Wood; Objets Trouvés; Signs; Highly Strung; Park life; Transport; Symmetry; Enterprise; Interaction; Walls; Folded; Distorted; The Look of Love; The last days of Summer; Looking Out; Rustic; Polly Wants A Cracker; Oops; Wet Wet Wet; Building; Relaxing; Line; Food; Moving Still; Triangle; Noise; Empty; Tranquillity; Discontinuous; Translucent; The eyes have it, Disproportionate, Doors, Revolution; Recreation; Impression(ist); At the Market; Eye; Your neighbourhood; Straight out of camera! Round; Portal; Transport; Shopping Madness; High or Low; Hands; Back to Basics; The Golden Hour; Character; Bath; Vertical; Anticipation; Bloom; Bliss; Small; Grand Day Out; Red; Highlight; Modern World; Speed; Family; Holidays; Remote; Orange; Grain; Hardware; Construction; Reflect; Grey; Desolate; Morning; For the Record; Out & About; Massive; Thirds; Food of Love; The Great Outdoors; Sharp; Rubbish; The Facility; Independence; Shapes Everywhere; Constant Variable; Labour; Before & After; Glass; Great Balls of Fire; Anything Goes; Song Titles; Up Close; Black & White; Look Up or Look Down; Sporting Action; Kaleidoscope of Colours; Less Is More; Sunlight; Horsepower; Feet in the Picture; Sand, Sea or Sky; Frame It; Steel; Low light; Wings; 4 Legged; Lawlessness / Disobedience; Crowded; Retail; Cold; Arches; Space; Movement; Anything Goes (twice in a row); Outside; Emergency Services; Work; Scorch; Tiny; Album cover; Non-linear; Fill the frame; Rust; Festive sprit; New beginning; Open (anything goes);Texture / Dominant Colour; Close to home; Favourite thing; Open; Portrait: Green in black and white; Large!; Below; Changing Seasons; Technology; Xmas Excess; A Sense of Scale.
  2. miktec

    miktec unissued

    My apologies if this bends the rules a bit - hopefully it will be fun as well as a challenge.

  3. martin clark

    martin clark pinko bodger

    Oh no, thematic invention or injecting new challenges is good. And it's your theme to set! :D
    ian123running and Lefty like this.
  4. miktec

    miktec unissued

    ... a little nudge for the last week
  5. miktec

    miktec unissued

    Well - I guess that told me :D

    ... handing back to you guys to sort out a new one.
  6. ff1d1l

    ff1d1l pfm Member

    Sorry...just nothing came up, or to mind to go out and take.
    A diptych is hard enough without a tightly defined theme.
    Why not just an unspecified diptych? Ease in gently...?
  7. Pete MB&D

    Pete MB&D Pete Maddex, the one and only!

    Agree, tricky theme, bad weather.

    Three weeks to a month is better in this hemisphere in winter.

  8. gintonic

    gintonic 50 shades of grey pussy cats

    theme ok, I had lots of thoughts. Notion of dyptych over complicated matters
  9. Rockmeister

    Rockmeister pfm Member

    Ditto. I've lost photoshop and dyptych making was a step beyond. Nice idea but couldn't find the hours needed to do it properly. Sry! :)
  10. miktec

    miktec unissued

    ... so sorry guys - didn't realise you were all using full plate film and had to cart your processing lab around with you o_O

    Anyhoo .. as I said, I'll hand it back to you, perhaps someone could put their hand up and set an easier theme. :)
  11. Cav

    Cav pfm Member

    Perhaps you could post an example of yours and what software you used to produce it?
    Rockmeister likes this.
  12. miktec

    miktec unissued

    ... to what end?
  13. Rockmeister

    Rockmeister pfm Member

    I'd appreciate that as well...it's a good idea but how, without post processing?
  14. miktec

    miktec unissued

    I did this since my last post .... so took about 30 mins (including gathering props...)
    Two and a half weeks might have seen a better result - but you get the idea.
    I used my iPhone and a very old copy of Photoshop Elements I got free with a scanner. (other freebie software is available)
    If you look online you can also find examples of simple 'in camera' diptychs that require no assembly ...

  15. miktec

    miktec unissued

    PS - a bit to early for Scotch .. so the glass is empty :D
  16. martin clark

    martin clark pinko bodger

    Why not set us a new theme, 267; it's still your #265 'win' to use : )

    (I think Pete MB&D nailed the issue here. And I certainly was too lazy to get out and try something... sorry)
  17. miktec

    miktec unissued

    Some good ideas floating around this thread ..

    Maybe something like as suggested - 'Your 2 best shots taken within 50 yards of your front door/gate ... (no front or back gardens please)'

    Time limit: Two months ???
    (although one day would be my preferred option LOL ! )

    ... Leaving it over to you folk to decide :)
  18. ff1d1l

    ff1d1l pfm Member

    I'm good with this...'Your 2 best shots taken within 50 yards of your front door/gate...(I think, personally, gardens should be included, if people think they can come up with a good image. But if you are horticulture-averse, its your call)
    And am I understanding it is to be a diptych? Or not?
    And a couple of weeks is plenty...IMHO.
    miktec likes this.
  19. miktec

    miktec unissued

    To be honest I don't think I ever want to see the word ever again LOL
    I had been looking at these and thought it might be fun - some great ideas :)

    As to the new theme ... I love flowers, but I think that detracts from the whole idea being discussed over on the other thread which is more about looking around you and stretching your observational skills (and flowers etc deserve their own challenge...)
    Rockmeister and saturn9 like this.
  20. Rockmeister

    Rockmeister pfm Member

    OK! I was imagining something more shaped...trouble with being an Art teacher...head full of ornate ideas :)
    I think the 50 yds thing needs to be a search in some way or it's too commonplace?
    Anyway, it's not my idea so wait to see what happens.
    miktec likes this.

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