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Possible to use stereo remote to controll mac?

Discussion in 'audio' started by MagnusG, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. MagnusG

    MagnusG Member

    Has anyone tried/succeeded to reprogram what IR-codes that a mac responds to?

    My target is to use the not-used-anymore cd controll buttons on my remote to controll basic itunes stuff. Since my mac mini got a IrDA receiver it should be possible. Anyone?

    If it doesn't work I might have to get an ugly all-in-one remote with too many buttons I don't use. :)
  2. Uzinusa

    Uzinusa Happy Chappy

  3. MagnusG

    MagnusG Member

    It's hard to find anything in those mac forums, almost every topic is on programmable remotes, not about reprogramming the mac for the remote like I want.
    That small remote is a nice one, but if possible I would like to stick to one single remote for the computer and preamp.
  4. bottleneck

    bottleneck pfm Member

    they have such beautiful metal wireless keyboards, trackpads and mice.. why not use those?

  5. MagnusG

    MagnusG Member

    Those are great as well! Even if not for me, I run a mac mini without a screen in a small stereo rack and like to keep the electronics to the most needed. I use a iPad to change the album, but since this one need to be started and initiate to the computer and so on it would be great with a small remote to just change tracks or pause. Since I already have a remote (my only one) for when I listen to vinyls, it would be great to use it for the computer as well.

    I know that I'm a bit on the complicated side, but it would be so great if it worked!
  6. 2 many boxes

    2 many boxes pfm Member

    If you've got WiFi then an iPod Touch running the free (from iTunes) Remote app will give you not just play and next track but an iPod-like interface.

    So browse by album, artist, category etc. as well as the genius mixes.

    It'll also control internet radio stations although annoyingly it won't show the bit-rate.

    iPod Touchs (without the camera) can be picked up from eBay for a fair bit, but then once you've got one you'll start downloading apps and watching YouTube and wondering how you ever lived without one :)
  7. MagnusG

    MagnusG Member

    Wohoo!! Found a nice application, 'iRed2', it should do what I want.
  8. joel

    joel Painter of Dragons, Maker of Mirrors

    Osculator. I use this to control audio mixers, video switchers, DMX lighting boards and, incidentally, macs all at the same time.

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