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Predators working for charities

Discussion in 'off topic' started by wacko, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. lordsummit

    lordsummit Moderator

    Interesting to also consider that whilst JRM is handing in his petition, a rather blatant and pitiful attempt to enhance his ‘man of the people’ image, The Times is the paper that broke the Haiti story. Who was the former editor of Times? William Rees Mogg. The old public schoolboys looking after their own and each others interests?
  2. lordsummit

    lordsummit Moderator

    Absolutely, I’m wondering if there would have been such hysterical press coverage if The Guardian had uncovered similar abuses by Christian Aid, The Maybot being the daughter of a Vicar and all that.
  3. bernardhepworth

    bernardhepworth pfm Member

    The problem here is that the abuse wasn't carried out on casual basis, it was systematic and organised abusive that was centered around a villa that was rented by an Oxfam employee which have been described as "sex parties." There is a quote in the Guardian article about someone challenging one of the abusers and the age of the women who they were abusing and quote was "they have told us they are over 18".......

    Oxfam then hushed everything up and made it out to be small issue and in doing so have set themselves up to be used by right wing Tories as to why the aid budget should be slashed. Unfortunately I don't think that Oxfam will be the only organisation who failed to deal with sexual abuse in their foreign aid work.

    This kind of shooting yourself in the foot approach of poor governance and non existent leadership undermines the whole charity sector, which is 99% made up of small organisations who provide the glue that holds lots of communities together in this country.
  4. Paul R

    Paul R pfm Member

    Try http://www.independent.co.uk/voices...child-sex-abuse-harassment-dfid-a8204526.html if you have to get information from politically acceptable sources. I suggested you use the detail in the Spectator article to find more authoritative reports, as you can with the Independent.

    This is still excusing the failure to act. Surprising for somebody who works in an environment where safeguarding is supposed to be taken very seriously and where historic abuse is prosecuted. The UK prosecutes paedophiles for offences committed anywhere in the world. Predatory charity and aid workers should be easier to track than private 'sex tourists'.

    It is abhorrent to connect the two issues in the way you do. Your assertion that this is being 'cooked up' is ridiculous.

    Now you confirm yourself as wilfully ignorant and with poor comprehension.
  5. lordsummit

    lordsummit Moderator

    They did act though didn’t they. People were removed from post, a new code of conduct was enforced. How is this not acting. Can UK law be enforced for overseas crimes?

    Only to you it would seem. Interesting to see JRM trying to make political hay after his Dad’s old paper published the original article? Do you think it’s a coincidence?

    It wasn’t me that suggested it. I seem to recall that you suggested it as a cure for UK issues. Does your compassion not extend to the Third World as well?
  6. PaulMB

    PaulMB pfm Member

    Just read that Mark Goldring, Oxfam's chief, is now being accused of having received information about misconduct in more recent times and having ignored it.

    Also, I don't think one can, by definition, describe prostitution as "abuse" of the prostitutes. It is a transaction, sex for money, that exists everywhere, from London to Haiti. "Abuse" can take place with domestic servants, factory workers, in agriculture, or in any other situation. Just as it can, of course, in the context of prostitution. Oxfam might also have been wary of being accused of infringing the personal freedom of its employees if they had involved themselves in what they did in their spare time. I don't know if this is the case, just a hypothesis.
  7. Paul R

    Paul R pfm Member

    Yes, as you quoted. This isn't a secret.

    I think you are unbalanced. Spinning tinfoil hat conspiracies without doing even the most elementary research.

    It's a figment of your imagination. A falsehood. A result of an especially low content member not understanding English and failing to grasp a suggestion that rioting masked thugs, that he happens to support, are as bad as the thugs they are claiming to oppose and much worse than duly elected politicians.

    But if you know of a prenatal test for thuggery perhaps it could be made available on the NHS alongside with the existing screening for genetic defects and might eventually lead to a reduction in insurance premiums. Everybody wins.
  8. lordsummit

    lordsummit Moderator

    Not really a tinfoil hat theory, perfectly plausible, and the BBC mentioned it earlier. There was a Labour MP on earlier saying exactly that, but I suppose in your world he can be written off as politically motivated, but JRM’s actions aren’t.
  9. lordsummit

    lordsummit Moderator

    Can you be convicted in this country for a crime you committed on foreign soil? Or would you be extradited to face charges in that country? Censured by employers definitely, and that happened, the charity also changed its code of conduct. There will definitely be further change, however I ask you again, do you really believe it to be only coincidence that the Express and JRM start their campaign and this becomes a hot potato, especially when you consider the extreme swerve to the right much of the media has taken?
  10. Minio

    Minio pfm Member

    This story has too many tired old words in it for me.

    As Paul MB infers, "prostitute" and "abuse" ring alarm bells signifying off the shelf tabloid effervescence.

    My heart goes out to any soul who may be a real victim here and I hope their voice can be heard above the hype.
  11. Cav

    Cav pfm Member

    Generally speaking, you cannot be prosecuted in the UK for crimes allegedly committed in non-UK countries. Two exceptions, I think, are sex with minors and terrorist activity.

    CPS website for mor definitive info: https://www.cps.gov.uk/legal-guidance/jurisdiction
    lordsummit likes this.
  12. droodzilla

    droodzilla pfm Member

    lordsummit likes this.

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