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Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 digital DAC

Discussion in 'audio' started by miero, May 9, 2017.

  1. David W Brown

    David W Brown pfm Member

    They've got a 2 year warranty. If you bought it in the UK, then throw the serial number my way and I can check for you if you're not sure.
  2. Mark Dirac

    Mark Dirac pfm Member

    Here is the Google Doc summarising a wealth of additional information about the S2D, gleaned from this and other forums. There is a paragraph in there about how to disassemble the box.
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  3. jamesd

    jamesd pfm Member

    i understand that it would be better with the linear power supply, but as I stated, my 5v input is a little messed up and I have to use USB for power.

    That being the case, my question is: Can I still use the S2 as a preamp if I'm just using USB? So can I do Computer USB > S2 > Power Amp without using the 5v? I could just try it, but I'm at work and my father is coming in from out of town tonight and I'd like to gift him a full stereo, which would mean removing my preamp (a Nakamichi integrated) out of my system and I don't want to be left without a (temporary) usable preamp.
  4. slavedata

    slavedata pfm Member

    Yes you can.
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  5. left channel

    left channel Prominent Member

    Yes that will work fine. An external linear power supply is just a possible improvement, not a requirement.
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  6. FTBoomer

    FTBoomer New Member

    My kids got me the S2D for Christmas. Running it with Roon via Allo Signature. Love the clarity. I’ve set it to Best but just curious how to engage or disengage filters. Distortion Compensation is enabled and I figured out how to set that but choosing a filter is not as obvious. I want to disengage the Transient filter everyone talks about but can’t figure it out.

  7. FTBoomer

    FTBoomer New Member

    Over in head fi forums, I found that the google docs is stating that MQB purple is NOT performing the 2nd unfold. Now it seems that this is incorrect? So if Roon is performing unfold #1 and the S2 is set to render, the MQB is correctly performing the 2nd unfold and that a purple MQB is a proper setting contrary to the google docs statement.

    Is this correct?
  8. audionut

    audionut New Member

    John, I have just purchased the Pro-ject Pre Box S2 Digital and I think the sound quality is amazing - when it works. I am having terrible problems trying to get the unit playing DSD with J River MC 26. It completely froze my PC twice and I had to do a complete ground up Windows 10 reinstall - twice. But I love the sound so much I keep trying. Am I wasting my time with JRMC? Is it compatible? I keep getting Windows 'does not recognise the latest USB unit' and will not load the driver. I sent the unit back to the supplier and they said it was working and sent it back. Can you help with any trouble shooting tips? It works for a few minutes and then the sound goes and the windows message pops up. Then it will not start again even after a restart. I have tried three computers and I have the same problem on each one. The only thing that keeps me going is that sometimes after an overnight 'rest' it is recognised by windows - for a few minutes. Help!
  9. palkic

    palkic Member

    Is a good idea to connect PreBox directly to the power amplifier without preamp? In other forum I've red it has flat sound, that with preamp or integrated amp it has much better sound. Have someone tried it?
  10. jamesd

    jamesd pfm Member

    I have the Pre Box S2 Digital running straight into a Rotel RB-981 powering Vienna Acoustics Bach Grands. This is pretty much just a tv/movie/background music rig so I can't comment on its ultimate fidelity, but it serves its purpose and sounds good enough to me. I have Raspberry Pi running Ropieee/Roon Endpoint into the USB input and my TV's optical out into the Pro-Ject.
  11. Nagraboy

    Nagraboy pfm Member

    I’ve not got this box, but recently had the DAC Box S2+ and couldn’t get it to work either. It’s supposedly Roon Tested but would not work at all when connected to my Roon Nucleus directly via USB, or when connected to my Stream Box S2 Ultra via USB. Just kept having a flashing light indicating no incoming signal, even though Roon and the streamer both recognised the DAC, and according to them were playing music. There’s been a big stocking problem with some Pro-Ject boxes so I’ve not been able to order another unit yet. Good luck with your problem, CD players were blissfully simple, weren’t they? :/
  12. dealbu

    dealbu New Member

    I just bought an Pro-ject Pre Box S2 Digital and I noticed something strange. I'm using a Raspberry Pi model 3 and Rune (the newest version).
    The strange thing is that while on Rune's display the DSD files are shown as DSD128, DSD256 or DSD512, on the Pro-Ject's screen they are shown at half resolution, i.e. DSD64, DSD128 or DSD256 respectively. Is anybody else experiencing this situation?
  13. ebjarrell

    ebjarrell New Member

    I'm noticing strange crap too. I have the Hi-Fi subscription that includes Masters and the resolution is displayed at 44.1k and there are NO lights being displayed, just the regular screen display.
  14. johnhunt

    johnhunt pfm Member

    I’ve one of these . I’m trying to sell it. You guys aren’t helping !
  15. WarrenG

    WarrenG New Member

    Did you resolve the connection issue? I would be pleased to here how you managed to do so if you did. Here is my description of a similar problem. It is a bit of a saga.
    I too recently purchased an S2D and had a similar experience with the device descriptor error you describe ('Windows does not recognise the latest USB unit'). Initially I connected the DAC without the Project driver installed (I had no DSD or Hi-Res exceeding the wasapi driver 24/192 range and the manual states no driver need be installed- I think this is wrong as is the power supply info). I immediately received the notification of the USB malfunction. I was unsuccessful in getting the DAC to work at all using the USB connection even with the Project driver installed. I use Roon and the device appeared in the audio devices when the driver was installed but as the windows USB error was occurring it couldn't see the device. I also tried setting up the device on another PC with the same result. I gave up after several days and returned the DAC as faulty. The supplier checked in their set up and stated that it worked perfectly. I even went as far as sending my own USB lead to verify that it wasn't faulty (a long shot as it works with other devices one of which is a dac). I agreed to take the dac back. Expecting days of delving into the depths of Windows 10 trouble shooting etc. I reconnected the device (this time with the Project driver already installed) and was met with the Windows notification that 'Pre Box S2 Digital was being set up'. The device was installed and everything worked as expected. I downloaded some DSD and very Hi-Res files and had no problems playing them using Roon. I am currently subscribed to Qobuz and had perfect results via Roon and also the desktop app. I then tried the MQA function using Tidal via Roon and as a desktop app and discovered the much discussed MQA drop out at beginning of tracks with Roon and the general drop outs during play back with the desktop app. I also discovered the workaround of using the dac as renderer only to get MQB playback. As I had purchased the S2D to release my Audioquest Dragonfly from the hi-fi and use it with my mobile/Universal USB Pro Player (UAPP) it occurred to me that the S2D should work just as well with the mobile ( many people here have done so). So I connected the mobile and sure enough the UAPP recognised the dac and with a little tweaking (USB 2 mode enabled) I was able to access both Qobuz Hi-Res and Tidal MQA. Although perhaps not relevant to you it is worth noting that the MQA playback was flawless using the mobile, full studio mode and no drop outs or stuttering starts even when changing from MQA to other resolutions. At this point I had the (less than) ingenious idea of uninstalling the Project drivers on the PC to see how the S2D would function using the Windows audio driver. I mean, I was not likely to be listening to any files with higher resolution than 24/192 and I have not been convinced that MQA is audibly better than the Hi-Res files (I also personally dislike the volume boost that MQA introduces) so what harm could it do?
    At this point I return to the beginning of my post. I am now back where I started, and where you appear to also be, looking at the Windows notification stating a malfunction. So I reinstalled the Project driver and reconnected but alas no function. As I had complete success using the mobile/UAPP set up I reconnected it to the USB port but the dac was now invisible to the UAPP. I have tried everything I can think of and many things other more knowledgeable folk have thought of without success. I may try the OS reinstall on my older PC but I suspect the USB port on the dac is being affected by the PC when the device descriptor error occurs and the PC shuts down the connected device. I would try reinstalling the firmware but that would require successfully connecting it to the PC. I also tried the 'leave it for a few days and it'll reset' solution but to no avail. The only explanation I can think of is the dac will immediately return to normal function when connected to a PC that already has the drivers installed and has been through the set up process that the S2D requires to function.
    Unsurprisingly the suppliers shop, like many retailers, is now closed for the foreseeable future and their returns service is via parcel drop off shops and the courier has ceased to offer that service so I am unable to return the dac for a 'reset' even if I wanted to. This is my 7th dac (and I was hoping that it would be the last for sometime) but the 1st that has exhibited connectivity issues unable to be resolved by the user so I have already arranged to exchange it for an alternative product. I don't want to malign Project, they have made some very reasonable turntables, but their support for the S2D is very poor considering one of the professed benefits of using their product is the MQA/Full hardware decode/render which is fundamentally flawed.
    P.S. Apologies to the member who is trying to sell a S2D.

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