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Ravi Shankar - tenth decade, In concert Escondido 2011

Discussion in 'music' started by ian r, Apr 17, 2019.

  1. ian r

    ian r 401's Nakman


    My brand new copy just playing on Magnepans.... Heaven.... Its so wonderful that I burst into applause myself just listening for the first time. He is poorly and yet this maybe the most moving concert I ever heard. Had the privilege of meeting him 20 years back as my mrs was a budding sitar student when very young and in pursuit of handsome me. saw him in concert, nice guy.

    Apart from all that I have some 15 or so of his discs and only two are digital, this one and a cd copy of The Montery Festival performance.

    This is recorded such that one feels surrounded by or part of the ensemble he plays with.Very nice. Maggies are helping catch the string overtones....

    Its My first ever dvd concert of my favourite genre... so perhaps this interesting sound immersion is common nowadays in other live performances with freedom to mike as required...I count about 12 mikes within inches of every 7 players. I wouldnt go near surround sound if you paid me and avoid it everytime. So this is just stereo via valves and Earlier Naim ..old skool flattish earth. Its a phenomenal recording.

    If you have time for Ravi Shankar at his purest and most sagacious and especially if you know his other traditional pieces then I think this will be a lifetime keeper.
  2. ian r

    ian r 401's Nakman

    Oh yeah it'll show up your hifi due to the no holds barred miking....the tablas exposed rattles in MG1 speakers and the speed and timbre of the Sitar resonances and microtones will overload your mid and tweeters electrostatic panels at the same time... Its too good.

    nevertheless buy with confidence
  3. herb

    herb music live

  4. ian r

    ian r 401's Nakman

    Lovely ...I know the others are out there... but this is him age 90 and the innovation is way out there percussive pieces, inclusion of folk drum and koto as tampura.

    I try not to buy too much at one time as pieces sometimes time to unfurl...the tenth decade is presumably his choice of recordings.....?

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