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Recipes for mackerel

Discussion in 'off topic' started by Del monaco, Mar 18, 2020.

  1. Gaycha

    Gaycha pfm Member

    Stuffing small boney fish with spuds rice etc equals mouthfuls of bones and mash.
  2. Ponty

    Ponty pfm Member

    Life doesn’t really get much better than that. We did similar on Loe Beach, Restronguet, Turnaware Bar etc, although it was more about the cider back then. K was the drink of choice!
    eternumviti likes this.
  3. Big Tabs

    Big Tabs hearing problems

    I already suggested that, way back on post number 9...
  4. gavreid

    gavreid pfm Member

    He's always behind the curve ;)
  5. eternumviti

    eternumviti Bloviating Brexiter

    Turnaware, always makes me think of the US soldiers loading onto LSTs, bound for Omaha Beach.

    Sorry, off topic.
    Ponty likes this.
  6. Gaycha

    Gaycha pfm Member

    Aye. Still do it when i can - and teach the young uns to fish. One of life's positives.

    Bassing last year from balcony in Fowey

    Teaching youngest to cast a lure in Beesands.

    Early morning Bassing from rocks near Prawle Point.

    no fish. But that's why they call it fishing not catching. and there are always mackeral and garfish for easy sport.

    Good times.
    Del monaco, Mike Reed and Ponty like this.
  7. Ponty

    Ponty pfm Member

    Perfect! Could do with some of that right now...

    Got some smoked mackerel in the fridge so will have to make do with the chowder. Once we get through this storm, I think people will start appreciating the simpler things in life.
    Gaycha likes this.
  8. Mike Reed

    Mike Reed pfm Member

    The Sainsbury's fillets I buy for her are previously frozen (but again freezable!) and she loves them.

    Too many 'n's for my liking.

    I really don't like mackerel unless in tins, and used to prefer tinned sardines anyway, though even those upset my stomach to a degree. Aware of its properties, I had one of my wife's baked Sainsbury's packaged fillets 2 days ago; didn't enjoy it, and despite have fruit, yogurt, chocolate and w.h.y. to cover up the aftertaste, it was still there hours later. My wife went back for another fillet! I'm also paranoid about fish bones (hence fillets).

    I'll stick to salmon as the only oily fish I know to be available; maybe there are others
  9. Gaycha

    Gaycha pfm Member

    Please, not the 'n' letter ...
  10. Del monaco

    Del monaco Del Monaco

    I like the idea of a chowder. Could make a book of this thread
    ‘PFMs Fishie Fish Dishes’
  11. gintonic

    gintonic 50 shades of grey pussy cats

    nice plaice
    Gaycha likes this.
  12. Mike Reed

    Mike Reed pfm Member

    ....where everything is c.o.d. and is too small to go herring around at speed. Perched on a rock like Gaycha above, it's useful to be a dab hand with a rod. (Oh dear, I hope I haven't opened a can of worms here).
    Gaycha likes this.
  13. gintonic

    gintonic 50 shades of grey pussy cats

    i think you are fishing for trouble. Just dont exercise the mussels.
  14. Woodface

    Woodface pfm Member

    I opened a tin of mackerel today, delicious.
    Big Tabs likes this.
  15. Big Tabs

    Big Tabs hearing problems

    Do you ever open the tin of mackerel, then heat it in the tin?

    Under the grill, or in the oven. Tastes a lot nicer than cold. I add a spread of mustard before shoving it in the oven. Whilst that is warming up, make the toast!
  16. Woodface

    Woodface pfm Member

    Never done that but make a toastie with them. Lightly toast bread first, add cheese & Hendos, mackerel on top, cover with second slice of toast, wrap in tinfoil & put in over for 15-20 mins.

    Just had them with salad today though
    Big Tabs likes this.
  17. Big Tabs

    Big Tabs hearing problems

    Sounds good, I will try that. What is Hendos?
  18. stevec67

    stevec67 pfm Member

    Henderson's Relish, made in Sheffield and similar to Worcester Sauce . Contains no anchovies.
  19. Woodface

    Woodface pfm Member

    It is a Sheffield delicacy, a bit like Worcester sauce.
    Big Tabs likes this.

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