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Reclocking USB signals - significant improvement !

Discussion in 'audio' started by cpg, Feb 1, 2020.

  1. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader From the Dark Side

    Actually Einsteins work predicted the bending of light but the proof came much later. Light and all electromagnetic radiation are particles called photons. You can actually count them if you have access to a photomultiplier unit (I am still looking for one). Light of all flavours is unusual in that it can also appear and act as waves so we talk about the wave-particle duality. Research is still ongoing into this strange behaviour. Take for example partial reflection say when you look out of a window but also see your own reflection - how does light decide whether to go through the glass or reflect back? The solution came in Quantum Electro Dynamics often known as the 'sum over histories'.

    So imagine all those photons bouncing off everything and also exerting forces such as magnetism and creating colours by absorption, emission, interference etc.


  2. Gaycha

    Gaycha pfm Member

    You asked me to elaborate why USB is redundant for audio 2 pages back. I did, so what's your response?

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  3. Gaycha

    Gaycha pfm Member

    <<Devils Advocaat>>

    could it be that you don't want streaming to sound better? ;)
  4. Emlin

    Emlin MQA Hater!

    You have to use Desiree to get the desired affect.
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  5. booja30

    booja30 pfm Member

    Shield them in foil and then pop them in the oven at 150C for 90 minutes.
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  6. Gaycha

    Gaycha pfm Member

    Depends if you like a floury or waxy sound.
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  7. tuga

    tuga European

    Are you being serious?
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  8. Fourlegs

    Fourlegs Trade: WAVE High Fidelity digital cables

    I did not ask you to elaborate on why usb is redundant. I asked you to elaborate on why you thought coax was adequate for hi res.

    Regarding your explanation I must admit that I wasn’t sure how your experience with finance IT was relevant to or trumped the experience and expertise of an digital audio manufacturer such as Innuos who have selected usb as their preferred connection having investigated it.

    And this thread which was about some of us having heard a sound quality difference with a bit of kit but which seems to have descended again into a number of people basically saying that they know more than an experienced digital manufacturer and there is a quality of posts purportedly explaining why the piece of kit cannot work but in reality it just seems more like a load of blokes trying to impress with how clever they are from their second hand knowledge.

    I freely admit that I do not have the expertise to debate this from first hand knowledge but then I doubt many if the posters do either. On the other hand I do know what I have heard in terms of some servers and sources, including CDs sounding better than others.
  9. Fourlegs

    Fourlegs Trade: WAVE High Fidelity digital cables

    I doubt he was and more likely it was just one of those remarks thrown in to see if anyone bites and of course you and I have not disappointed him.
  10. evand

    evand pfm Member

    I'm always surprised at how we automatically assume specialist knowledge because someone starts a company that makes audio gear but the same thing assembled on a breadboard in the back shed would be dismissed outright.
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  11. thebiglebowski

    thebiglebowski pfm Member

    SPDIF (coax) is specifically designed for hires audio transfer, it stands for Sony Phillips Data Interface and is based on the AES3 standards and supports up to 24/192.
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  12. Fourlegs

    Fourlegs Trade: WAVE High Fidelity digital cables

    Well I start from the standpoint of having heard their kit compared to others and to me it sounds way better. At least they are designing and making digital audio gear unlike 99% of the self proclaimed experts on here . . . . .
  13. Alex S

    Alex S carbon based lifeform

    Depends on the mastering. Just randomly uprating the sample rate is a con and doesn't help.
  14. Fourlegs

    Fourlegs Trade: WAVE High Fidelity digital cables

    Well, agreed with that.

    But I was talking about music files that had started off being recorded at the higher rate. Those are the ones that sound better to me.
  15. Alex S

    Alex S carbon based lifeform

    Sure. Finding them is the problem. I would still argue different, not always better. Hi-Res is part of the digital audiophile bandwagon and much of it is bogus. IMVHO. And don’t start me on MQA....
  16. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader From the Dark Side

    I haven't heard a re-clocker so haven't commented. However one of the biggest upgrades that I made was for free and gave me money back. I removed a top notch pre-amp from my system and the improvement was a slap-in-the-face. I still don't understand why this should be.


  17. Alex S

    Alex S carbon based lifeform

    Presuming you’re serious, I found the same in the sense that a decent passive is better than any active preamp I’ve had.
  18. Cereal Killer

    Cereal Killer fourhundredandthirtytwo

    USB can be speculator if implemented correctly. Why would you want to add a 75 or 110ohms interface only to convert it back to PCM ?
  19. thebiglebowski

    thebiglebowski pfm Member

    Like a USB reclocker?
    sq225917 likes this.
  20. Andrew C!

    Andrew C! Been around a while....

    Rant alert-

    I’m not sure why you expected any different? You will always find on this type of thread a contributor who will challenge the status quo. They will find discrepancies with marketing info, which tbh is not difficult to do - especially if said manufacturer does not provide the specific data said contributor requires. (I have no technical knowledge of such data, btw)

    They will say that you have expectation bias - in effect suggesting that you cannot trust your own auditable findings, nor have an ability to trust your instinct to decide whether any perceived differences exist or not.

    Then they will suggest that the kit is sub-optional for a reason, or that the kit it influences is sub-optimal.

    I could go on, but it would probably be viewed as an irrelevance.

    PS - you liked what you heard. That’s enough for me.

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