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Recommended movies etc on Netflix/Amazon Prime II

Discussion in 'off topic' started by tones, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. cooky1257

    cooky1257 pfm Member

    BFI Player The day the earth caught fire. Fab sci-fi with some real current resonances
  2. tiggers

    tiggers pfm Member

    Contagion and Outbreak seem to be trending ;)
  3. Stunsworth

    Stunsworth pfm Member

    Series 2 is now available - it covers the Apollo 13 mission.
    stephen bennett likes this.
  4. andyoz

    andyoz pfm Member

    Oh boy!
  5. stephen bennett

    stephen bennett Mr Enigma

    It's be nice if they did the last landing—the Apollo 17 and focussed on the science.

  6. Stunsworth

    Stunsworth pfm Member

    I've only listened to the first 10 minutes of the first episode, but it's very, very good so far.
  7. vuk

    vuk \o/ choose anarchy

    i find it remarkable that straight-to-video films (or close) are suddenly great when presented via netflix.
  8. mikechadwick

    mikechadwick pfm Member

    Better Call Saul - Season 5 (only 1 episode per week though :() (imho if you haven't watched this Seasons 1-4 are essential viewing)
    vuk, Snufkin and Suffolk Tony like this.
  9. garyi

    garyi leave blank

    Can I just say homecoming on Amazon Prime is bloody amazing. Julia Roberts is a superb actor anyhow but the whole crew is brill and the recording, music, general ambiance is on point. Watching episode 7 with, I think the opening music to the Thing, or escape from newyork one or the other, great stuff!

    Really worth the watch this one. I feel Amazon seems to be more about quality than Netflixes quantity.
    stephen bennett likes this.
  10. Suffolk Tony

    Suffolk Tony Aim low, achieve your goals, avoid disappointment.

    Someone I recommended this to felt it was "A bit slow". Not for me it's not, it's just brilliant with real characters, properly developed. Good to see Hank back on the scene!
    narabdela, SteveS1 and mikechadwick like this.
  11. SteveS1

    SteveS1 I heard that, pardon?

    I prefer it to Breaking Bad, much more sympathetic development of characters.
    matt j and narabdela like this.
  12. Big Tabs

    Big Tabs hearing problems

    Having a hard time finding something new that fits our bill, we are watching older films (again) -

    Escape From Alcatraz (1979) Clint Eastwood

    Entertaining to watch this again, we have both been to Alcatraz (separate occasions) which adds something.

    Sparse soundtrack, but effective. Patrick McGoohan plays a convincing baddie.

    Currently available on Amazon prime
  13. cutting42

    cutting42 Heading to Fish Hacker Erg \o/

    One of the best Grisham books and a pretty good adaptation. Moving from smoking to guns was probably a good idea and certainly more resonant currently.
  14. Aethelist

    Aethelist pfm Member

    Just watched (grimaced through) Midway on Amazon prime rental.

    Quite possibly the worst movie I've ever seen.

    What a load of complete and utter guff.

    I want my money back.

  15. Wolfmancatsup

    Wolfmancatsup Empire State Human

    New and exclusive to Netflix - Shaun the Sheep: Adventures from Mossy Bottom Farm. Shaun the Sheep’s long been a favourite series (even without children in our house) so seeing this appear was a nice surprise.

    Hook and windhoek like this.
  16. stephen bennett

    stephen bennett Mr Enigma

    Colossal is a pretty unique take on the whole monster/invasion genre.

    Some nice nods to Japanese Monster movies too.

    It's on Netflix.

    darrenyeats and Wolfmancatsup like this.
  17. stephen bennett

    stephen bennett Mr Enigma

    Speaking of unusual and weird SF. Lexx is on Prime just now. It's a kind of Krautrock/Lynchian version of Trek ...

    Or a space Singing, ringing tree.

    This is not for kids ...


    Great ship ...


    Horny robot head.

    Amber Audio likes this.
  18. andyoz

    andyoz pfm Member

    windhoek likes this.
  19. madmike

    madmike I feel much better now, I really do...

    Just happened upon a French spy thriller called "The Bureau" on Prime. Its very good, starts slow and builds up into a nice drama. No gratuitous violence or sex (well one bottom) but a very taught thriller. French secret service and their assets in Algeria. Lead actor so French he could be the man from the stella advert.
  20. madmike

    madmike I feel much better now, I really do...

    I thought it was Mark Knopflers guitar !!!
    stephen bennett likes this.

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