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REGA KYTE FOAMS. Proceeds to Australian fire fighters.

Discussion in 'charity' started by Markie, Jan 6, 2020.

  1. Markie

    Markie pfm Member

    Back in October a forum member aproached me (through Ebay) for a pair. After I made and listed them he decided to do it the cheap way with foam cut to size but no driver rebates or chamfers, so no longer wanted mine.

    They've been on Ebay since then but no takers. So let's get rid. I normally sell them for £39.00 plus £6.00 postage. Make me an offer but please bear in mind that it's for a good cause. The guys fighting the bush fires are all volunteers and working LONG hours without pay. Apparently they often buy their own equipment.

    Every penny you pay will go to the firefighters. I'll pay the postage and once you confirm you're happy with them I'll send you a copy of the receipt.

    They are still listed on Ebay but please contact me through the forum if interested.
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  2. omers

    omers pfm Member

    PM Sent
  3. Markie

    Markie pfm Member

    These have been sold and will be on the way to Israel today. Many thanks to Omer.

    If anyone else wants a pair, contact me, same deal, proceeds to the firefighters.
  4. Markie

    Markie pfm Member

    As an aside, what motivated me to do this was one of the delivery drivers who calls here. He's an ex pat Aussie but before washing up in Cornwall He was a fire fighter. Obviously he's still in contact with his mates and he told me a story about this years fires.

    The fires came quite close to where they're filming "I'm a Celebrity". The local fire brigade called on them to see if they could spare any bodies to help (apparently the film crew is about 250 strong). Spare bodies...... Nope. Any donation..... Nope.

    I'm making a point not to watch.
  5. omers

    omers pfm Member

    Thanks Mark
  6. omers

    omers pfm Member

    Received the Kytes foams from Mark. Perfect, speakers look 100% new.
    Thanks again.

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