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RIP Chromecast Audio

Discussion in 'audio' started by s1h1, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. s1h1

    s1h1 performing within expectations

  2. MikeMA

    MikeMA pfm Member

    Mine has never been out of its box.
    julifriend likes this.
  3. booja30

    booja30 pfm Member

    Weak. I love mine -- it's about the cheapest streamer-like option, and optical out was really useful. Oh well.
  4. julifriend

    julifriend pfm Member

    I have two, bought when they were £15 in Currys. One has never been used and the other only used when my Cyrus streamer went off for an upgrade.
  5. foxwelljsly

    foxwelljsly Keep Music Vile

    Mine's in constant use. If anyone has one they've never used, PM me, I could do with a couple spare.
  6. TheDecameron

    TheDecameron Unicorns fart glitter.

    [FS] The truly iconic chromecast audio hi end streamer. Optimised for pure audio, mint condition, charismatic sound. Stealth black with original packaging. Looking for £350. Silly offers will be ignored
    matt j, Moppit, booja30 and 1 other person like this.
  7. jimmytwos

    jimmytwos pfm Member

    I can imagine if it has been discontinued it's probably because they have something to replace it (their own smart speakers) or a new version of the audio device. They have probably sold millions of them and anything smart nowadays has a finite life expectancy. I have one and have bought a handful as gifts and apart from a few conection teething problems it's been great. A cheap streaming device with optical output is always a good thing...
  8. MikeMA

    MikeMA pfm Member

    This is what I'm now hoping!
    TheDecameron likes this.
  9. leroyd

    leroyd pfm Member

    The best bang for buck audio item ever IMO.
    booja30, Moppit and Curtis like this.
  10. Sonci

    Sonci pfm Member

    I think the chromecast video now support flac files, so maybe a strictly audio one is a bit obsolette
  11. orangeart

    orangeart KJF Audio Ltd.

    Darn, mine just broke, better get one quick.
  12. roach

    roach pfm Member

    Doesn't have optical out for the audio though.

    I love mine too. What would be the budget alternatives?
  13. formbypc

    formbypc pfm Member

    ... But it's HDMI. Who has an HDMI input on their amp or audio recorder?
  14. Robert

    Robert Tapehead

    That's a shame as it was a useful little device. The inbuilt dac and audio out were surprisingly good.

    That said, I put mine away 'safely' sometime last year and lord knows where it is :)
  15. Sonci

    Sonci pfm Member

    I still don't understand why it needs internet to function? Even when streaming local files in the home wifi it needs to connect to internet..
  16. mikemusic

    mikemusic pfm Member

    One reason I didn't rush to get one was there was a plentiful supply.
    May change that view
  17. John

    John TDS free

    Kind of crappy. I suppose Google felt it took away sales from their WiFi speakers. Apple discontinued the Airplay Express as well. So what are some economical alternatives besides the Sonos Connect which is significantly more money?
  18. Sonci

    Sonci pfm Member

    There are none, and none will be.. No manufacture can design and sell such a device cheaper than Google!
  19. John

    John TDS free

  20. TheDecameron

    TheDecameron Unicorns fart glitter.

    The thread prompted me to look at the latest models- there’s a fancy one that does 4K video but it didn’t specify what audio formats it could handle. If it has that kind of bandwidth, it must be able to transfer hi res audio formats quite easily.

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