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RIP Lightroom?

Discussion in 'photo' started by MartinC, Oct 19, 2017.

  1. MartinC

    MartinC pfm Member

    Well, our hopes for a Lightroom 7 stand alone were dashed today. Even worse the old Lightroom CC is being named Lightroom Classic. Given Adobe's prior promised that Lightroom would be available with perpetual licensing, I have little hope that 'Classic' will survive long term. The new CC appears to be a watered down cloud based version for Instagramers.

    I was contemplating Lightroom 6 (currently run 5) but am loathed to give Adobe any more revenue. So the choice seems to be place all your faith in Adobe keeping 'Classic' alive, or looking for alternate DAM/Editing packages.

    Time seems ripe for a serious competitor to step in. If there was a way to import Lightroom adjustments into another non-Adobe package that would be a plus.

    Anyone else just slightly ticked off with Adobe?
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  2. Milan

    Milan pfm Member

    The new Lightroom is a cloud based version but you only get 20GB of storage. I have a lot more than that in stored photographs. However, I am starting to look at alternatives to LR and preferrably something that had a few enhanced features that means I would only need one set of software.

    So far I am contemplating the following for further investigation;

    Capture One Pro
    Macphun Luminar (Windows Beta so a few functions are missing)
    OnOne PhotoRAW
    Photo Ninja

    As I use a PC it limits some of the software available to me i.e. no Irridient Developer.

    I have been playing with Luminar a little lately and like it despite the limited features in the beta version.
  3. MartinC

    MartinC pfm Member

    It's the cataloging, simple editing and integrating batch uploads to online services like Flickr that I like. I also use Silver efex that I will sorely miss unless another program can integrate with Nik tools.

    Really pissses me off when corporations take away ones choices. I am trying out a few alternatives so hopefully one will develop into more mature alternative in the medium term.
  4. gavreid

    gavreid pfm Member

    I have a perpetual license for LR6. It looks like the new classic will cost me a tenner a month for essentially the same thing FFS!
  5. eternumviti

    eternumviti pfm Member

    I have LR and PS CS6, and sticking with them for as long as I can. Hopefully they'll see me out, if that isn't tempting providence!
  6. garyi

    garyi leave blank

    The update to lightroom 'classic' is immense. Its many factors quicker on my workstation.

    Adobe are offering the new lightroom for a tenner a month with a TB of data., Compared to dropbox for instance this is actually very good value. However you have no control of data, i.e. it will upload all your photos you put in which means if you have an allowance of data then thats going to be painfull.

    However for such things as the full CC package, they are moving heavily into piss take mode, by wanting more money for this new programme. Luckily I am not interested.
  7. EIffel

    EIffel Cereal Killer

    Having had a good look, the new Lightroom CC is far from a substitute for the 'Classic' version... from the limited 'cloud storage' to the lack of a printing function, a colour space limited to sRGB, or the inability to batch tag or edit pictures, it seems geared to phone/tablet casual users and will compete with the likes of Apple, Google and Yahoo!/Flickr.

    For one thing, uploading many large raw files to the cloud will be a challenge on slow broadband connections.

    I'll stick with the current subscription package with Lightroom Classic and Photoshop, but will look more seriously at Capture 1 Pro for image editing...
  8. MartinC

    MartinC pfm Member

    My biggest concern is that Classic will be phased out in the future or that once Adobe feel that they have attracted as many punters as they can to their subscription service they will jack up the pricing. Based on their prior behaviour I think the latter is very probable.
  9. Ian Hughes

    Ian Hughes pfm Member

    I shall stay with LR6 perpetual. Currently on 6.12, next update will happen before year end. After that, I'll stick. I've no interest in subscription services, if Adobe get arsey in the future, then I'm jumping ship - probably to Luminar or OnOne Photoraw. By that time, things should have shaken down enough for me to be able to use it without fighting it.
  10. gavreid

    gavreid pfm Member

    I've been looking at C1Pro too but it's twice the blooming price - £20/month - really!!!
  11. ron

    ron Tweaker

    I'm currently using LR 6 , I was thinking of getting a Nikon D850 after Christmas , does this mean I'll have to get LR classic just to use the D850 RAW files ? I would rather just buy the program instead of paying a monthly subscription .
  12. JemHayward

    JemHayward pfm Member

    I changed from 'owning' lightroom and photoshop to paying my £9 (ish) a month because I ended up forking out quite large sums of money each time I changed my camera, so I could get the raw files to load. I could, I suppose, live with Iridient Developer (which I occasionally use) and my old Lightroom 6, but my current plan is easy. I have 2TB of images and a slow internet connection, so a cloud based Lightroom simply wouldn't work for me - it's aimed at a different market. I use Lightroom for quite a few hours each week, so I don't really resent paying my monthly sub. My mobile phone, which I rarely make calls on, costs me more.
  13. eisenach

    eisenach Thüringen

    I'm waiting for a Lightroom 6 disc to come from Amazon, having just bought what I hope is a perpetual version. I don't want to pay monthly for bits I'll never use given the poor quality of my broadband connection.
    If it is a perpetual version, I should be ok once it's loaded and running, shouldn't I ? :eek:
  14. hc25036

    hc25036 pfm Member

    That's me done then. I use LR5 and have the OnOne software as a plug-in. I held off moving to OnOne Photo Raw because you need to convert to .psd or another format before doing much, but LR being ruined is just the push I need.

    I've had the demo version of OnOne and find the workflow better the LR, but couldn't justify the cost for a small improvement against learning the ins and outs of a new program.
  15. Derek Wright

    Derek Wright pfm Member

    The Lightroom Queen website has a good commentary on the Lightroom changes.


    Victoria Bampton (who is the aforementioned Queen) has the advantage of being UK based (Soton) and so has British approach to this stuff.

    Her book of FAQs on Lightroom is pretty good and useful.
  16. Gromit

    Gromit Plasticine Dog

    I'm of the exact same opinion - just naming it 'Classic' has set alarm bells ringing.

    Am at present weighing up paying out for a stand-alone LR6 (I still have LR5 installed on my Mac) which will have all the RAW converter updates for any camera I have, and am likely to buy in the future. At least for a good few years at any rate.
  17. gavreid

    gavreid pfm Member

    LR6 has been around since April 15 - so 30 months. Even at the full price (I got a heavy discount) of a perpetual license, that's no more than £5 month. The new prices are twice that for nothing more than a speed improvement it seems. Have they finally compiled it instead of running some slow interpreted language? I don't want cloud access at all, that's what my NAS is for! I really hate being over a barrel...
  18. Gromit

    Gromit Plasticine Dog

    Exactly this, although I just use a large back-up drive rather than a NAS.

    Just ran the CC update thingy to take a closer look at LR Classic, it tells me my computer isn't up to the right specification (2008 iMac with added RAM).

    Question is (bearing in mind I'm a complete techno-phobe when it comes to computers) how does one go about moving from the 'old' LRCC to LR6?

    Edit: Just checked the system requirements where it would appear the OS needs to be El Crapitan or later. Mine is running Mavericks.
  19. Bananahead

    Bananahead pfm Member

    I have no problem with the subscription and have been paying that way for ages.
  20. Gromit

    Gromit Plasticine Dog

    Same here, I'm just concerned that 'Classic' could be the beginning of the end for non-cloud-stored photos. Also, as my Mac isn't up to spec for Classic, what happens with my LRCC?

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