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[FS] RP10, ATC SCM50ASL, Qutest, Allegri+, PSM136, Cyrus Phono, PSX-R2, Abbey Road, CHC DC3

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by peter_964rs, Jan 9, 2020.

  1. peter_964rs

    peter_964rs That's no moon!

    Due to a complete inability to sit and listen to my hifi, I am radically downsizing. These days, I plug the Echo Dot aux port into my Allegri+ and just call out across the hifi room for background music before running out of the room again. If thats the sum total of my listening then keeping it is pointless so go it must. I will start again in five years or so.....!

    This is a list of fantastic stuff for sale. You can obviously Google for reviews of all of these.

    ATC SCM50 ASL £6500

    These are cherry and were built on 10/09/1996, later upgraded to SL spec 09/07/1997. The amps are mkII spec and (according to ATC) will perform as well as current spec. The tweeter is a generation behind current spec. They are very dynamic and have an exceptional midrange due to the renowned dome midrange driver. They are in reasonable condition for their age, but the right hand speaker shows evidence of bleaching from sunlight on the top veneer. Come with stands. At half list price, could this be a bargain J ?

    Townshend Allegri+ £1650

    In very good condition. Exceptional; very quiet (obvs being a TVC) without emphasis yet incredibly detailed. Worked very well with the above.

    Abbey Road Reference 4m pair single-ended to balanced XLR £300

    As used with the above two. Made by Moving Air (now Studio Connections). Sheathing looks like the Reference Plus (http://studioconnections.co.uk/reference-plus-interconnect/) although I can’t say this is the same cable, it may be an earlier iteration. Whatever, I thought it sounded excellent! Extremely detailed.

    Rega RP10 £2,200

    Barely used, alas. I have the box for this. A fantastic deck.

    Cyrus Phono Signature & PSX-R2 £1,600

    I would rather sell the Phono Sig and PSX-R2 as a pair if possible. They are not the same colour as I bought the PSX-R2 later. I have the remote, which enables remote switching and on the fly adjustment of loading for up to four inputs. I’m not sure I have a box though. Really dynamic and sophisticated sounding.

    Benz Micro SL s/n 44447 £500

    It is true to say I have put no more than maybe 20 hours on this cartridge. It replaced an Ortofon 2m Blue in the Rega at about the same time as I acquired about 200 records from the estate of a recently deceased local, and of course I have listened to about two of those because I just don’t have time. It’s depressing to start to listen to a track and be dragged away to another child or pet or business or family emergency within four minutes of starting and having to lift the arm and leave it spinning. My time is not my own and this is why I am downsizing, From what little use I made of it, I loved it. So very musical, fantastic timbre.

    Chord Qutest £900

    The pleasure of this one is its’ solidity and build combined with sound quality at the price. Excellent with the below:

    CHC DC3 linear PSU with x2 USB outputs £400

    (see http://www.custom-hifi-cables.co.uk/home/power-supplies/dc3-power-supply)

    I used the second USB output for a raspberry Pi with Allo DigiOne Sig S/PDIF board. As with all liner power supplies, YMMV ranging from ‘amazing’ to ‘subtle’ but it definitely worked for me. Sean Jacobs who built this for me designed the PS in the Innuos Statement IRRC.

    Puritan Audio Labs PSM136 x2 £650ea (ONE NOW SOLD)

    I needed lots of sockets so bought two. Excellent with sources. Results vary with power amps, esp. Naim.

    All pics uploaded to flickr at https://flic.kr/s/aHsmKBq9Pc
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2020
  2. hifinutt

    hifinutt hifinutt

    some great kit , i might be tempted to put a separate thread for the puritan stuff as its been in demand and hard to find in this listing . hi fi shark will then list it too for anyone googling it . the bristol show is coming up and the puritan audio guy will be there too i expect arousing interest
  3. peter_964rs

    peter_964rs That's no moon!

    Actually that’s a great idea thanks I hadn’t thought of hifishark! I’ll do so later today once a zillion other things have been done :)
    hifinutt likes this.
  4. Ward

    Ward Active Member

    All you need to do is include in the advert title and Hifishark seems able to find it; I tested it out for you by searching for 'qutest' and it found your advert no problem.
    BTW may be interested in your Abbey Road cable as contemplating a change to ATC actives, but not in the country at the moment to do some auditioning.
  5. peter_964rs

    peter_964rs That's no moon!

    Thanks for the guidance. I've updated the title and will test hifishark later. I was up early chasing a bull off my lawn and now have to discuss possible legal action against my neighbour whose fencing has been dire for years. All this may sap my hifi equity rather quickly!
  6. peter_964rs

    peter_964rs That's no moon!

    One PSM136 now sold, with thanks
  7. peter_964rs

    peter_964rs That's no moon!

    Abbey Road interconnect now SOLD with thanks
  8. Rega RP10 £2,200

    Barely used, alas. I have the box for this. A fantastic deck.

    Peter- is the RP10 still for sale? Thank you, Stewart
  9. peter_964rs

    peter_964rs That's no moon!

    It is indeed
  10. Thanks. Can you please summarize what comes with it (the TT)
  11. peter_964rs

    peter_964rs That's no moon!

    I appear to have lost the ability to update the original post so just to clarify the Benz cartridge is an ACE SL not any other Benz SL cart, my apologies for any confusion.

    @stewart I'm selling the TT with PSU and box. If you need it to come with a cart then the Benz is available separately (and IMHO an excellent product) but I can let you have it with an Ortofon 2M Blue MM cart. This is what I used originally with the RP10 when I first got it and does nothing wrong but is nowhere near as exciting and engaging as the Benz. It has plenty of life left in it and I have just kept it back as a spare.
  12. Thanks Peter. Which arm does it have? And finally, can you please confirm that it is in pristine condition.
  13. peter_964rs

    peter_964rs That's no moon!

    Hi it’s the RB2000 I believe which is what comes with the RP10. It is in very good condition but there are very minor marks and and signs of wear here or there. As with all black hifi, it’s a dust magnet as well. I can take more photos and send these or upload them to Flickr if you like?
  14. Sorry- this doesn't seem to have come through yesterday: Are you able to send pictures to my email account? Thank you
  15. peter_964rs

    peter_964rs That's no moon!

    Hi @Stewart Cooper, I sent you a PM about your email address (not found) and uploaded a bunch of pics of the RP10 taken this morning. I can't find any blemishes other than finger marks, one small black mark on the platter, and a small crazing or scratch on the lid. The aluminium brace could be polished if you felt like it although most of it is hidden by the platter anyway.

    Look at the flickr pics https://flic.kr/s/aHsmKBq9Pc and download any you are most interested in the max resolution, with is 24Mp (Taken with Canon EOS 77d). Let me know what you want to do next

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