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[WTD] Ruined Rega Clamshells for Cases -- Maia ideal!

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by hifiaf, May 15, 2020.

  1. hifiaf

    hifiaf pfm Member

    I'm about to embark on the grand DIY project of building a Paradise phono stage. So, among other things, I need some cases.

    As an obsessive devotee of Rega clamshell (I have a Planet / Radio / Mira system in my living room) I would thus love to build the Paradise into two Rega clamshell cases (it needs separate cases for the power supply and the main boards).

    Not all the Rega cases will be a good match -- the Planet, for instance, with the cutout for the CD player, won't work. The ideal would be the Maia power amp, with nothing put a power switch on the front. I know the clamshell power amps were known to overheat and die, so there might be a few of these out there...

    A bit of a stretch, but I thought I'd ask!
  2. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    I’m pretty sure I have a very early Rega tuner with a damaged back-panel (the plastic bit where the mains goes in, but other than that close to mint and I think working) lurking somewhere in my junk pile. Its the shallow clam-shell design like the original Brio amp. Let me know if interested and I’ll have a look.
  3. hifiaf

    hifiaf pfm Member

    Thanks, Tony -- I'd appreciate that. Anything that looks like the cases in the photo would be great (that's a Rega Radio R in my stack).

  4. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    I have still got it:


    As you can see it has some damage to the brittle plastic back panel, but its otherwise ok. I have a feeling that other than needing a mains lead it may actually work! Basically yours if you arrange a DPD collection and make a donation to the site (anything you like!).

    Nice collection of one of the greatest albums on the planet! What pressings do you have there and how do you rank them? I only have two, a ‘63 US original pressing and a ‘90s Japanese CD.
  5. hifiaf

    hifiaf pfm Member

    Thank you for looking, @Tony L! Darn, it looks like that might be one of the slightly shallower early Rega clamshell cases, which is probably too shallow for the Paradise boards. Do you have the depth?

    It is one of my very favourite albums ever. I have (in my collection or on loan!) a '63 US original, a '63 Canadian Sparton original, a '72 Impulse Japan (Toshiba), and and recent "Vital Vinyl" reissue. I like the Japanese pressing best! Full thoughts on my blog :) https://www.hifiaf.com/black-saint-shootout/
  6. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    The Rega is 15cm front to back, no idea as to internal volume.

    Interesting review of your Black Saints! I agree the original Impulse pressings aren’t the quietest, but the dynamics and life is just amazing IMO. I have a lesser Oliver Nelson album (Plays Michelle) that I landed NOS sealed and again not silent, so I’m sure it is the vinyl quality. The RVG cuts are something else though. With Black Saint I’ve compared my US original (£20 from King Bee Manchester, light mark one side, but it doesn’t click) against a Speakers Corner (really smooth and laid-back) and the mid-80s DMM MCA, which is surprisingly good and I’d take it over the Speakers Corner.

    I’m a big fan of Japanese ‘70s pressings, again they seem to prioritise dynamics, they always sound alive and present. I have quite a few Japanese Impulse albums and they are great. Sparton are superb too, I only have one, a copy of Coltrane’s Ballads with RVG stamps and it grades at a VG+ depite the US seller claiming NM (not the first time I’ve shipped original pressings in only to be disappointed with the gradings). As such it is pretty noisy, but Coltrane is just ‘there’ in a way no other pressing I’ve tried delivers. As ever with Impulse we need to be careful with modern pressings as they lost all the bloody masters in the huge UMG fire, so one has to question the source.
  7. hifiaf

    hifiaf pfm Member

    Alas, slightly too shallow to fit the Paradise boards. All my clamshell Regas are a comparatively gargantuan 26cm front to back. Thanks again for checking!

    Yes, what a shame, imagine those masters lost! Agreed that the dynamics on the original Impulse are excellent (and that pressing in particular sounds better every time I improve something on my system), but the 70s Japanese pressing seems to have the dynamics plus the excellent, silent vinyl. I've had bad luck with the Speakers Corner Mingus discs I've picked up (Charles Mingus Presents Charles Mingus and East Coasting, both quite flat-sounding), and that Vital Vinyl is a true shame. I do really like the Music Matters and Tone Poets for modern reissues -- my Music Matters copy of Andrew Hill, Point of Departure is one of the best-sounding records in my collection. Thank goodness those masters weren't burnt!
  8. joe9407

    joe9407 actress/activist

    @hifiaf -- a Paradise! You're chasing down all the dragons. I've been reading your reports so far and am keenly interested in how it goes. Tip 'o the cap, sir!
  9. hifiaf

    hifiaf pfm Member

    Yes, indeed! I can see the horizon coming into focus beyond the LP12 -- I'm coming close to having tried just about everything -- and over the horizon pops the phono stage. A little while ago I joined the AudioFlat forum and read over 100 pages about the Paradise and was convinced that was the way to go :) Si is going to do the main boards for me -- so, the actually hard part -- and I'll solder the test together. If the Rega cases don't materialize, I'll come up with a fun way to customize one of the modushop cases...
  10. Matty297

    Matty297 pfm Member

    The original IO Dacs should be on your list of possibles as well only an on off button on the front!
    hifiaf likes this.
  11. hifiaf

    hifiaf pfm Member

    Good idea! If anyone comes across this and has one, please PM me, as it's easy to take my eye off this thread... Thanks!

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