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Scam warning

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by Tony L, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. ian r

    ian r 401's Nakman

    Im a fairly new user of FB and via a link ordered a book from the publisher/ distributor Wordery which maybe well known to others but not me. All went well I used pp.

    the acknowledgement email came in and within a minute of so a email came in ostensibly from pp which i suspected instantly so I opened it with extra precautions, saying my account had issues and i needed to 'check the recent activity/ transaction below'

    the Below was in a smaller font..

    it was as i knew by then quite bogus.... the senders email was using OS x modalities to make it hard to expand the real senders full address so it had to be copied into safe place to expand.

    The nearest it got to being from pp after one expanded it was the partial presence of the word application in the expandd address.

    My annoyance is that it came in looking like th email directly below it from pp which was legit.

    the bot that i assume is involved and its writers can go swivvle

    Hollow laughter in the wings and yes its the first thing i ever bought via fb...
  2. Jamie

    Jamie pfm Member

    I can only assume it is an account hack, and the payments cashed to an anonymous bank account and nothing sent. Looking at the feedback, it is over a year old, so the account looks fairly 'dormant'. Normally with this sort of thing, you see hundreds of items listed at silly prices, but this has only one item, and the sold feedback is for what looks like silverware or similar.
  3. gints

    gints pfm Member

    You must be right. But all this ebay/paypal protection for buyer... I tried to buy one, payment was put on hold, so I canceled it. Maybe paypal already aware of it.
  4. Jamie

    Jamie pfm Member

    Listing now removed. Appears to confirm dodgy-ness !
  5. Rosewind

    Rosewind Lost in Translation

  6. TheDecameron

    TheDecameron Unicorns fart glitter.

    Every time I look on hifishark, to ogle top end stuff, there’s always rare, expensive items at knockdown prices on Russian sites, presumably not rare but non existent.
  7. thebiglebowski

    thebiglebowski pfm Member

  8. Rosewind

    Rosewind Lost in Translation

    It was sold a long time ago before I bought an EAR 802 which was then sold to fund a Herron pre. I see that he advert has now been taken down due to my email to the site.
  9. coltrane

    coltrane electrobaroCKjazzer

    I warn you lads of a 'Bo Christensen' nick'd newbie fellow member here who asked for a photo of my ID card and of my eBay membership when trying to buy an item advertised here from me. I, of course, refused to give out the data and the sale fell flat but I reckon there seems to be something very much not OK out there...

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