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[FS] Selling everything.....yes....everything

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by Take5, Jun 27, 2018.

  1. slim

    slim Member


    I wanted to ask what cartridges you will be selling?

    When you are done replying to all the PMs you're getting of course...
  2. slim

    slim Member

    Also interested in the P2. Are the mods about the PSU (border patrol) or else?
  3. marvan

    marvan On the banks of the Tay

    Hi I am interested in one of your racks. What have you got?
    Best wishes
  4. Hi, I am looking for a 12inch tonearm and cartridge could you let me know what you have available? I am based in Lancashire.

    Many thanks
  5. Mullardman

    Mullardman Resident Philistine

    Bugger..only just noticed this and am only a couple of miles away. What racks do you have?
  6. AudioAl

    AudioAl pfm Member

    Brian I am shocked that you have done this :eek: you had sutch a passion for the hobby

    Hope all goes well for you in you hifi free future
  7. Take5

    Take5 pfm Member

    alan, thanks.

    Ive sold the 12" SME now. I still have five SME 3009s if that is any good to you.

    Cartridges wise, I have dozens, but havent found the time yet to list them. I will be doing so soonish.

  8. Take5

    Take5 pfm Member

    Mull, I havent made a list yet.

    You are welcome to pop over. Im in Bickerstaffe. PM me.

    I should say that I have had lots if interest in these. Im not able to deliver these im afraid. so, its collection only.
  9. Take5

    Take5 pfm Member

    Al, thanks for the kind thought. And to others who have reached out also, with similar thoughts.
  10. mhv

    mhv pfm Member

    Add me to those waiting patiently for the list, please!
  11. Thanks for getting back to me. The SME 3009 is not what I'm looking for right now but may very well be interested in the cartridges you have available.
    I will join the queue waiting for your listing. Thanks again, Alan
  12. foxwelljsly

    foxwelljsly Keep Music Vile

    You have a PM re Moth RCM.

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