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Sennheiser IS 380 Wireless Headphones

Discussion in 'charity' started by eddie pugh, Mar 2, 2017.

  1. eddie pugh

    eddie pugh pfm Member

    Charity Dorothy House Hospice, Bath

    I have a pair of Sennheiser IS 380 infra red wireless headphones that are surplus to requirements.


    Happy to let these go for a nominal sum say £10 to the charity and I will pay the postage. I'd take them to the local charity shop but they are a bit iffy about electrical goods

    If you or anyone in your family are a little hard of hearing these are very useful to boost TV sound and help correct the current BBC fascination with mumbled dialogue.

    They are boxed and in really quite good condition. Clean but used.
    Replacement earpads are available on line for about £3 but really you will not need them.

    I have provided 2 New rechargeable batteries.

    The wall wart is heavy and must be a linear 12v 200mA job

    They come boxed with instructions and all cabling transmitter etc

    PM me if you are interested

    eddie pugh

    I quote from an online reviewer which in my view is a little bit OTT but they are quite useable headphones if you are in a good line of sight position to the transmitter and not an obsessive compulsive hi-fi nerd

    These earphones are brilliant! When it comes to headphones there is only one name that matters - Sennheiser. The IS380 provides excellent wearing comfort, fantastic sound (Rich and smooth!), and the usual Sennheiser over-engineering and build quality. What is especially noticeable is the lack of hiss and static expected in wireless headphones. Also, the dynamic range and power handling is excellent - sound is good at both high and low volumes with no noticeable distortion. The headphones incorporate an automatic cut-off circuit that will cut in if distortion or noise gets above pre-set levels.

    The receiver unit is also the battery charger, but you must remove the battery from the headphones for charging. The receiver unit can charge two batteries at once (Approximately 4 hours listening for a fully charged battery) so you may wish to purchase 1 or more additional batteries to enable constant use. The headphones operate using Infra-Red technology, which is line-of-sight, so there will be no walking around the house with these babies. That said, the receiver operates at a very wide range of angles/distances, providing excellent flexbility for those watching TV, etc.

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