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Shahinian Arc - New power Amp ?

Discussion in 'audio' started by linntroika, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. PSD

    PSD Member

    I use a pair of Croft 7r Monoblocks with my Obelisks so they should work well with Arcs too.

    I came about using the Crofts after talking to Peter Mezek at Pear Audio in Slovenia
    about all things Bedini. (Hopefully I'll get to pop out and see him in the spring)

    Anyway the Crofts are doing things to the obelisks that i havent heard before so I'm a happy camper but one day I'd like to get my hands on a Bedini and see what it sounds like.
  2. kevinrt

    kevinrt pfm Member


    did you ever try the Meridian 557 with Obelisks? They seem to come up for sale more frequently at more affordable prices.


  3. Mr Perceptive

    Mr Perceptive Perceptive Member

    I tried 557 into Obelisks, a good combination but bettered by the 559 (especially bridged). The 557 is very good with Arcs
  4. mbu

    mbu pfm Member

    Add a Dynavector HX1.2 to the list. I use a MK1 version with Naim cds3 and 52. Outstanding combination ( so it should be at the cost - all second hand). All into WB Arcs though. I sold my Shahinian Arcs ( before I had HX1.2) years ago as I liked the WB Arcs presentation more. Fancy trying a pair of Obelisk 2s mind you but the cost is pretty eye watering.
    Nothing has managed to oust the 1.2 from my main system for the last decade.
  5. Alex S

    Alex S carbon based lifeform

    Maybe the OP wants a new amp for his Arcs and isn't too worried about Obelisks.
  6. linntroika

    linntroika pfm Member

    Must admit i would be tempted by dynavector hx1.2 (mbu has a similar system to mine)- looking for a power amp to gel with the 52
    Im not saying that the 250 is lacking - just would like to know what the dynavector would bring to my current setup

    The difficulty will be finding one - as they tend to only come up occassionally:(
  7. oceanobsession

    oceanobsession pfm Member

    What about a pair of manley snappers theres a pair on german ebay, or a belles
    power amp, i did have a belles hotrod 150a for a while with arcs sounded great
    with plenty of power.
  8. es.klopfte

    es.klopfte pfm Member

    Everyone keeps mentioning Dynavectors in the context of Shahinian speakers, but they just didn't do it for me - either with Arc or Obs. My L300/HX1.2 sounded so shrill I even sent them to John Burns to be checked out.

    I'm currently driving my Obelisks with a solid-state McIntosh integrated, and it gives me everything that was missing with the DVs - warmth, grunt and grip.

    I recall that I also quite enjoyed using a NAD S300 with Arcs a few years ago.
  9. Still

    Still he said his naim was ralph

    Interestingly Shahinian have recently updated their advice regarding suitable amps (etc):


    Istr previously the best little speaker company in the world opined Dynavector, Bedini & Creek to be worth investigation.
    Fwiw I find Naim a good match.
  10. linntroika

    linntroika pfm Member


    Im sending my 250 to have ncc200 boards fitted (dont know what to expect with this - but reviews are positive)

    Listened to my sys last night and i still love what Naim does

    Many Thanx for the replies
  11. Dan K

    Dan K pfm Member

    LT!! What are you doing?

    Just buy the DIY ones from the classifieds first - if you like that then get the NCC200s fitted. Once your NAP has been modded it won't be a cost neutral option to go back... will it?
  12. Dan K

    Dan K pfm Member

    Or just sell the NAP250 and get a pair of M130s. Don't kill a perfectly decent NAP250 - Sell it! and if you must have matching cases then use a 180.
  13. markf

    markf pfm Member

  14. trio leo

    trio leo pfm Member

    I'm quite sure a pair of Albarry M608's will drive your speakers perfectly and will do so for years (as you mentioned mono-blocs)

    regards Al
  15. Still

    Still he said his naim was ralph

  16. linntroika

    linntroika pfm Member

    After a bit of auditioning /chopping / changing - i finally got to hear the Hx1.2
    So how does it compare with my 250 ?- It does sound a lot different and i had concerns because i do like Naims PRAT .

    Initial impressions are the HX has real presence , it takes complete control of the Arcs and has an uncanny 3D effect. It delivers a dynamic ,rich sound (not clinical ) but retains the naims "warmth" with the Bass reaching greater depths. I can drive the Arcs to new levels of loudness whilst retaining the texture and timing

    Wonderful Power Amplification and yes it does Gel very well with a 52:D

    Now i finally see why so many Shahinian users opt for DV - Match made in Heaven

    Thanks for all your inputs (especially fellow Pfm Lambros,Lotus340r,mbu, d m butcher - and Centralaudio for selling me it )

    A few years ago i would have not heard half the hifi manufactures mentioned , auditioned and debated on this forum

    Cheers guys
  17. winsu

    winsu Member

    So what are your thoughts about the Dynavectors PRAT compared to Naim?
  18. Rana

    Rana pfm Member

    I've managed to land some mint 2002 Arcs and am rueing selling the Bedini now!

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