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Shipping suggestions, to California?

Discussion in 'off topic' started by effinity, Feb 27, 2020.

  1. effinity

    effinity ya memba

    Just done a quick online quote with Fedex (potential buyers choice) for 2x boxes 90cm x 50 x 50, 18kg & 20kg respectively, containing 2x conga drums (collectors items) insured for $2000 usd.

    quote came in at 1300 GBP which seems a lot but maybe i'm out of touch, hav'nt shipped to the US for a few years.

    Anyone got any pointers as to where to go for quotes to reduce this figure, hopefully by at least 50% or am I being unrealistic? Dollar may be strong against the pound also.

    I realise volumetric calculations along with signed for tracked service and insurance may push up price.

    Info gratefully received.

    Cheers, Steve
  2. daytona600

    daytona600 Registered User

    Allow for import duties on $750 + to the USA
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  3. Vinny

    Vinny pfm Member

    UPS can be cheaper IME. Otherwise costs look about right.
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  4. effinity

    effinity ya memba

    thanks, i'll see what UPS have to offer
  5. effinity

    effinity ya memba

    amazing, quite a difference with UPS, did quote online then called them up.

    For Expedited svc collected on Mon 2nd March door to door, insured, delivered by Friday 6/3 is 323.50p GBP excluding duty and taxes (on the buyer)

    I have yet to quote the buyer so let's see, thanks for input!
  6. effinity

    effinity ya memba

    Two 19kg 50x50x90cm boxes on their way to Oakland, California. UPS have been excellent so far and the price came out 10 quid less on the booking with tracking, direct delivery, carbon offset and insurance.

    I did have one hiccup and with certain UPS cust svc centres around the world closed down for CV19 it took me a few hours and repeat calls to resolve.

    I got this message in the tracking info:

    "Your package has been delayed due to a Fish and Wildlife Agency hold. / The package is at the clearing agency awaiting final release."

    Turned out they wanted to know what kind of wood the instruments were (vintage conga drums), as long as not Rosewood they were happy and cleared the shipment.
    I was helped by a UPS woman from Tennessee living in East Midlands.

    The tracking picked up and they were on their way, albeit on a later evening flight rather than the morning one so for the receiver they are a day late but not too bad for all that way, I dropped them off Tuesday, they'll arrive at his address on Friday.

    Surprising thing, the buyer paid $64 in total for taxes/duty (on a 900 GBP value) which I thought was very reasonable, much higher if i'd been receiving them from the US or Canada, 20 - 25%. I'm not sure if each state varies or its a federal standard with duties?

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