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[FS] SOLD: Skoda Octavia 1.9tdi Auto 55 plate. £1000

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by Nic Robinson, Oct 20, 2019.

  1. Nic Robinson

    Nic Robinson Moderator

    Octavia ii 1.9Tdi Laurin & Klement DSG

    For sale my much loved 55 plate Octavia.

    119,000 miles

    FSH including the all-important gearbox oil change every 40k. I have always bought 507 grade for my local trusted mechanic

    Drives beautifully and a fantastically reliable car, nicely run in for you. These things aren't driven by taxi drivers all over Europe for nothing!

    Vast majority of miles covered on motorway/autoroute

    Loads of receipts from my ownership time (from 2015 and 40k)

    Recent items include new battery and alternator

    Full L&K trim including full black leather, satnav, 6 CD changer, electric front seat etc.

    Lovely comfortable interior

    Re-mapped by Shark Performance to 140bhp (similar performance to the equivalent 2.0 but with the bomb-proof 1.9 unit)

    MOT to July 2020

    Needs servicing in 1000 miles which must include DSG oil change

    Small amount of rust on OSR wheel arch (evidence of a repair here before my time)

    Small blemishes to paintwork here and there commensurate with a 14 year old car coming up to 120k

    Rear wiper has died

    Car is in mid Sussex (near Haywards Heath) and is available from November

    £1000 (which is what WBAC.com are offering but I would rather it went to someone on here who would enjoy it)
    [​IMG]04D99459-1F1F-48BE-9275-332E96DAFA2F by Nicholas Robinson, on Flickr
    [​IMG]35F4F474-7561-4132-9AE9-DB5549A44945 by Nicholas Robinson, on Flickr
    [​IMG]6D351304-13C6-4E39-972F-F394AC792D4E by Nicholas Robinson, on Flickr
  2. myles

    myles Intentionally left blank

    Absolute bargain - just run in. DSG service is £179 fixed price at Skoda, the car will thank you for it.

    Full disclosure; I drive a 168k 2.0tdi DSG L & K estate and I love it. The 1.9 is far the superior engine.

    Good luck with the sale.
    Nic Robinson likes this.
  3. Spenagio

    Spenagio pfm Member

    Just sending details to my father in law, might be just the ticket!
  4. amazement

    amazement pfm Member

    Wow that’s a good price, ok it high miles but I’d take a punt if I needed a car.
  5. myles

    myles Intentionally left blank

    That's not high miles, honestly.
  6. blossomchris

    blossomchris I feel better than James Brown

    What are the cars vibes like

  7. amazement

    amazement pfm Member

    it is for me, most of my cars have barely 20k on when I sell them on. Looks nice and clean though, have a bump.
  8. beammeup

    beammeup pfm Member

    Actually that could be just the ticket - I'm going to PM you ...
  9. Nic Robinson

    Nic Robinson Moderator

    Thanks Beammeup. Will pm back.
  10. Avinunca

    Avinunca Canine Hifi and electronics enthusiast.

    I love my Octavia ii 1.9Td Ambiente and it's coming up to 170k miles.I bought it when it was three tears old in 2010 with 80k and as far as I know it's still on it's original exhaust system and clutch. It still pull almost, probably as strongly now as when I bought it. Great cars.
    myles likes this.
  11. myles

    myles Intentionally left blank

    I don't think I've had a more comfortable ride, but my other choices aren't about wafting! VX220, 130i, Monaro, Impreza!
  12. Mark Grant

    Mark Grant Trade: Mark Grant Cables

    I know what you mean but for it's age and engine type it is low for a 14 year old car.

    The 1.9 TDI PD engine will easily do 250k if it has had oil changes at less than every 10K.

    It's the electrical bits that usually fail first.

    An 800,000 km example on you tube.

    myles and eastone like this.
  13. Nic Robinson

    Nic Robinson Moderator

    Now sold.

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