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Songs you remember because of the bass line

Discussion in 'music' started by VanceB, Jul 15, 2003.

  1. VanceB

    VanceB Member

    Hi All,

    What songs do you remember because it was the bass line that 'carries' the song along ?


  2. joel

    joel Painter of Dragons, Maker of Mirrors

    Charlie Mingus -everything! But especially Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting. Man, could that band swing.
  3. prowla

    prowla pfm Member

    Pink Panther theme.
  4. Ed Rogerson

    Ed Rogerson Culturally irrelevant

    "Nice 'n' Sleazy" was another Stranglers tune with an evil bassline that's hard to forget.

    Add to that virtually anything by Primus and "In Trance as Mission" by Simple Minds.

    Finally, "Cannonball" by the Breeders.
  5. Ed Rogerson

    Ed Rogerson Culturally irrelevant

    Shurely not!

    That splatty Precision sound was the main reason I listened to them in the first place! There'll be a definite late 70s feel the music in the house tonight.

    This thread is getting me thinking about what else I have that's heavy on the bass. My 14 yr old has started playing bass and will listen to anything suitably agressive/funky/driving as fits the mood. This has thrown up some forgotten treasures from the collection and at least is getting her away from her staple diet of grunge/metal.
  6. Andrew L Weekes

    Andrew L Weekes Reverse Engineer

    On a more up-to-date theme the White Stripes 'Seven Nation Army' really has a bass as a lead instrument.

    Made me buy the album, anyway!
  7. Patrick Dixon

    Patrick Dixon Imagineer

    Grace Jones - The Fashion Show & Don't Cry - It's only The Rhythm, from Slave to the Rhythm.

    Linx - There's Love, from Intuition, has a bass that sounds like an electric piano.
  8. LesW

    LesW Retired at user request

    Free - Mr. Big - the IOW Festival version from the '70s

  9. Kit Taylor

    Kit Taylor Well-Known Member

    Buena by Morphine has a fantastically gnarly, growling bassline that seems to leap out of the speakers. Really primative and funky, and played on a two-string slide bass to boot!

    It's from Cure for Pain, a lush, earthy, atmospheric classic. Go buy!
  10. P

    P Banned

    The Bogus Man - Roxy Music

    There's not that much else going on apart from Enos wierd noises and Mellotron. (Man)

    Love it

    Geat to see yous guys here again BTW
  11. coredump

    coredump Press <ALT-F4> to continue.

    International Pony - A new Bassline for Jose
    P.J. Harvey - Down by the water

    Both not subtle, but great fun :)
  12. Thom PC

    Thom PC pfm Member

    Another One Bites the Dust (Queen), obviously ...
    Safe From Harm (Massive Attack)
  13. Brighty

    Brighty pfm Member

    Great Bass lines,

    Bernadette, My Girl, Etc, Motown,

    Anything James Jamerson played on, one of the best bass players in the world..
  14. duncan

    duncan ...

    Must have some reggae in here. Armagiddeon Time will do nicely. You'll know the Clash cover and hopefully the Willie Williams original but Jamaican music recognises a good bass-line and there are probably hundreds of other versions of the Rockers Rock rhythm

    www.baywell.ne.jp/users/ isshi/cover.htm[/IMG]
  15. rexel

    rexel pfm Member

    BoomtownRats Ratrap from Tonic for the Troops very short break but still evocative
  16. Snufkin

    Snufkin pfm Member

    The Castle by LOVE from Da Capo
  17. stevied

    stevied über wagonista

    Walking on the Moon - The Police

  18. Mick Seymour

    Mick Seymour Member

    Cream - Sunshine Of Your Love
    Grand Funk Railroad - Gimme Shelter

  19. Chris Brandon

    Chris Brandon Member

    Country Music (A Night in Hell)

    by Stuart Hamm on his 1988 "Radio Free Albemuth" album

    (Stuart Hamm used to be Joe Satriani's bass player)

  20. Mark Packer

    Mark Packer pfm Member

    The Light pours out of Me

    from the album Real Life by Magazine

    + lots of stuff by the Police

    Stir it up - from Babylon by Bus, Bob Marley & the Wailers

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