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Sony A5100 camera with 16-50 lens and 21 months warranty. Only 3 months old.

Discussion in 'photo classifieds' started by Philv, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. Philv

    Philv pfm Member

    Which considering the excellent John Lewis warranty (including accidental damage cover) and so little use, is very competatively priced.

    Sony a5100.

    With sony 16-50 lens.

    With camera case and mini tripod.

    extra lens cover with nylon thread.

    screen protectors.

    John lewus warranty with accudental damage cover.

    Over 21 months remaining.

    Warranty until 23 june 2019.

    Only 3 months old.

    Receipt included.

    Excellent condition.

    Original box etc. Excellent camera.

    Selling as I haven't used it enough to justify. Stock photo used as I am awsy from home at present.

    Please see ebay link for photos -

    Thanks for looking.
  2. Philv

    Philv pfm Member

    The current price of the camera and extended warranty alone from John Lewis is £525!
  3. Philv

    Philv pfm Member

    Reduced to £320 plus postage or collected.

    Grab a bargain.
  4. Philv

    Philv pfm Member

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