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Sony ES amplifiers

Discussion in 'classic' started by MichaelC, Jul 29, 2017.

  1. MichaelC

    MichaelC pfm Member

    My dining room system.

    I have on the cd player front the X707ES.

    I would ideally like to partner that with a Sony ES series amplifier of broadly the same era. Suggestions please...
  2. Mike P

    Mike P pfm Member

    I have a TA-F770es integrated which I think is superb. It is partnered with my 555ESD and 337ESD CD players.
  3. MichaelC

    MichaelC pfm Member

    Thanks Mike. This and a couple of others in the range are now on the radar...
  4. Tarzan

    Tarzan pfm Member

    I too was going to suggest a 770ES, l partner mine with a SONY X55ES (with Rosewood side cheeks:cool:) and it sounds most acceptable.:D:D
  5. jamie123

    jamie123 pfm Member

    i have the older 700es amp partnered with my x555es cd player. very happy :)
  6. flatpopely

    flatpopely Prog Rock/Moderator

    Get a NOS JVC AX Z1010!
    All the amp you need.
  7. Hempknight

    Hempknight pfm Member

    Yes! 70/80's Luxman can be great, recently got a late 70's preamp, which is lovely. Been on a 'Jap crap' odyssey myself, here is some seriously high end kit out there, often for very little, when you consider the origional price + inflation.

    It's also worth looking at the pre ES High end sony, from the late 70's to mid 80's, I still want to hear one of these, and the matching preamp http://www.thevintageknob.org/sony-TA-N86B.html great styling eh ;) There's also a matching electronic crossover network that looks amazing, but haven't seen one for under £1500, which is well over my curiosity budget.
  8. AudioAl

    AudioAl pfm Member

    Another 770ES user here , Top notch piece if kit
  9. Markyb

    Markyb pfm Member

    Indeed all the amp/Dac and phono stage MM/MC
  10. jamie123

    jamie123 pfm Member

    yeah but you've just got back something much better??
  11. AudioAl

    AudioAl pfm Member

  12. Mike P

    Mike P pfm Member

    Spill the beans then.
  13. AudioAl

    AudioAl pfm Member

    A Sony TA - N7B , Just had a full refurb all new caps , new gold plated RCA's and much better binding posts :)
  14. Dowser

    Dowser Learning to bodge again..

    One available here in CH here :)

    If anyone is seriously interested I also have a friend with a cellar space full of such Sony high end pre, power and integrated amps along with tape decks and tuners. He is interested in selling and I said I'd help him, but it will be a winter project and we have not documented all model numbers yet.

    Note that shipping charges from Swissieland would need to be factored in.

  15. Mike P

    Mike P pfm Member

    Now I'm jealous! How does it sound?
  16. Ayya Khema

    Ayya Khema pfm Member

    I use the sony ta 707. lovely amp, a beast. jfet input, mosfet voltage amp, lateral mosfet. this is the type of design that pass or accuphase are doing today. Sony at that time was true high end. id put it against any SS amp.
    the transformer is huge, weight a ton, class a the first 15 watts.

    im in the process of recapping it.

    in comparison with any amps I have and had, it is better then anything but my DHT PP 6b4g tube amps hence why I decided to restore it to see if its not the old electrolytic affecting the performance. should have it back within a month.
  17. jtrade

    jtrade pfm Member

    I'm jealous, too :)

    Which colour is it, please - bronze European version ?
  18. Hempknight

    Hempknight pfm Member

    Now thats a rare beast, do tell us how it sounds once all has settled. I have a similar spec JVC M-3030 (minus the V-fets of course) which also deserves a full refurb.
  19. PeterBCN

    PeterBCN pfm Member

    Most Sony ES amps are a bargain imho.

    I've had many. Mostly they share amazing construction for the price; only available from a major corporation with unlimited resources like Sony in the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 00s.

    Most TA-FA are good value (F3, F5, F30, F50) Older stuff is good too.

    I had a thing for the Esprit and Pre-Esprit line. Had the N86, N88 and TA-N7B and a couple of integrated amps as well. All wonderful amps BUT they need a serious overhaul as some parts go bad and unless you change them immediately they might ruin the amp.

    The problem with older units is getting a proper technician who knows what he's doing at a decent rate....

    My favorites (by ear) were the N86 on Class A and a TA-F6.
  20. Hempknight

    Hempknight pfm Member

    Did you have the matching preamp for the N86/N88's ? if so how do you rate them? I think it's always worth repairing/referbing 'high end' units such as these, especially when you consider the RRP + inflation.

    I managed to find a technician for my 80's JVC beast, he charged £45 an hour labour, but he does have 40 years expirience, and does everything from tubes to modern bluray players etc

    Sure there were cheaper alternatives, but just seeing the range of equipment he was working on inspired a confidence I had not found elsewhere, well worth it ;)

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