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Sony HVL-F20M Flash - ideal for RX100 MarkII

Discussion in 'photo classifieds' started by RaphaelSamad, Dec 14, 2015.

  1. RaphaelSamad

    RaphaelSamad pfm Member

    On offer for sale here is my Sony HVL-F20M flash that was a superb addition to my Sony RX100 Mark II camera. Unfortunately, I no longer have the camera so I also don't need to flash. It know that it is compatible with the RX100 Mark II but it may also be compatible with some other Sony cameras.
    Performance-wise, I used it to give pictures of people a much more natural look (by bouncing or defusing the flash) than the on-camera flash. It is also, as you might expect, more powerful than the on-camera flash.
    All in excellent condition with box.
    £66 including insured postage in UK - payment by PayPal gift or electronic bank transfer or you are most welcome to pick up in person (near Newbury or in Basingstoke).
    [​IMG]Untitled by raphaelsamad, on Flickr
    [​IMG]Untitled by raphaelsamad, on Flickr
  2. yellowelans4

    yellowelans4 Member

    Is the flash still available?
  3. RaphaelSamad

    RaphaelSamad pfm Member

    Hi there
    Yes this flash is still available. All boxed up and ready.
  4. yellowelans4

    yellowelans4 Member

  5. RaphaelSamad

    RaphaelSamad pfm Member

    Now sold and delivered, thank you Keith.

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