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Discussion in 'audio' started by Spencerfrater, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. Spencerfrater

    Spencerfrater pfm Member

    So since I started getting serious about finding the ultimate sound (within budgetary constraints), I’ve tried KEF Q900s, Piega Classic 5s and now Usher Mini Dancer 1s.
    The KEFs had bass bloat. Most likely room induced - they’d be great speakers for a very big room.
    Piegas were fine, but they required a sub and in any case the bug had bitten...
    I’m now wondering about the diamond tweeters on the Ushers. Do tweeters deteriorate steadily over time, or do they either as perform as they did when made, or are “blown” i.e completely knackered?
    I’ve played the tweeters and woofers each on their own (using bi wiring) and the tweeters sound relatively quiet. Still sound OK, just quieter than the woofers. Is this normal? They’re only 6 years old.
    The reason I ask is that with the KEFs I heard every flaw on my vinyl. I often sent records back to the seller saying they’d been over-graded. Yet with the Piegas and Ushers I’m not hearing all those flaws in the vinyl. Don’t get me wrong, I like that, it’s just that it’s making me wonder why. Does the fact that the KEFs revealed the wear in the vinyl mean that they’re more accurate speakers? I prefer the vinyl sound from the Ushers and am happy with them, but hope the tweeters are still good as I’m not hearing the pops and crackles on the vinyl and wondering whether it’s my aging ears or deterioration in the diamond tweeters...
  2. Purité Audio

    Purité Audio Trade: Purite Audio

    You could acoustically measure the speakers, if the tweeters are faulty it will be immediately apparent.
  3. Spencerfrater

    Spencerfrater pfm Member

    Yes I suppose so if I was an audio engineer... Alas I am a mere layman with no accoutic measuring abilities...
  4. Purité Audio

    Purité Audio Trade: Purite Audio

    USB microphone and free REW software, my spare is out but if you can wait..
  5. FluidDruid

    FluidDruid Member

    The Usher diamond tweeters should definitely show the pops and cracks - they have a very lively (but non fatiguing) sound. When I had my Usher Mini Dancer 2's I went though 3 sets in the first year due to matching issues, one quieter than the other off axis - I'm not sure how good their consistency was.
  6. Spencerfrater

    Spencerfrater pfm Member

    Just to close the loop, I spoke too soon. Now that I’ve had more listening hours and played a lot more records I realise the Ushers are not masking the pops and crackles from worn vinyl - they are somehow “softening” them relative to my old KEFs. An old record still sounds old, but I think the KEFs were particularly harsh at the higher end, where all the crackles are, and I got used to that. I’m now really loving these Ushers especially for vinyl - the depth of soundstage and imagery are incredible. They’re so easy to listen to it’s difficult to switch off the music at night and go to bed. Happy with my set up at last. Phew.

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