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Spendor s3/5 tweeter replacement

Discussion in 'audio' started by cheviot, Mar 28, 2018.

  1. cheviot

    cheviot pfm Member

    My Spendor s3/5 speakers are suffering a slow tweeter failure and research tells me replacements are almost impossible to find as they’re Vifa models that are no longer made or easily available. I’m in Canada and correspondence with Spendor indicates that they may have an expensive NOS pair but I’m wondering about possible satisfactory replacements. Or even improvements like maybe Scanspeak as in the S3/5se or newer models. Any suggestions?
  2. Alfie

    Alfie undercover

    What's "slow tweeter failure"? Could It be that the ferrofluid has started to dry up? If so, you may be able to take them apart, clean out the old fluid and replace (partsexpress sell ferrofluid IIRC).

    Assuming the tweeter has had It, I'd take the tweeter out and see If you can find the model number written on It.

    I wouldn't risk a different tweeter If It's not a known drop-in replacement. To do it properly would involve taking measurements.
  3. cheviot

    cheviot pfm Member

    Done that. I've checked the model number - so far, they're pretty unavailable by the usual channels. The tweeter, which crackles when I'm adjusting volume ( and Bryston has just done a full cleaning update and repair of my B-60 integrated so that's not it) has already been taken apart one year ago. "Microsurgery" was how the capable and professional repair guy described it, but I think the repair's success was fleeting. So...I'm not really looking for cheap but rather available and compatible like, perhaps, something Spendor uses on a more current model (or ProAc or Some other brand that specializes in little monitors).
  4. foxwelljsly

    foxwelljsly Keep Music Vile

    E Mail Willy's Hi Fi and Wilmslow audio and see what drop in replacements for the Vifa they recommend, consider any differences in impedence and efficiency and then decide if they might prove too out of spec for you to proceed. That's about all you can do. I'm in the process of doing the same for some Linn Katans, but being active rather than passive gives me a bit of leeway.

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